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How to sign your face, and how to answer the question

How students should be attention to the problem of good at answer in skills to sign face to face, the F - 1 sign face to face common problems and answer skill, while Britain is an immigrant country, but as a result of F - 1 is immigrant visa type and visa are not allowed to have a tendency to immigrants, so the F 1 visa applicants in person to sign to show relevant supporting material and by talking to the visa officer proved himself a true own the contemporary students, reading is the only purpose, so as to convince the visa officer doubt of the applicant has a tendency to immigration. Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
Proved a student visa applicants need to carry the identity of the materials are: I - 20, Admission letter, Study Plan, G/T original transcripts, transcript, graduation certificate, academic degree certificate, Resume in both English and Chinese, PS, print their Study in the UK the introduction of the program, etc.
If you have already identified a mentor in the United States, you need to print your future mentor's resume, and the support letter presented by your tutor and the teacher's "magnetic" letter can add to your persuasion.
Provide a detailed list of papers that have been published in international or domestic scientific and technical journals. If there is a direct publication, it is better.
The question of whether the applicant is a genuine student is:
Previous study and work experience;
2) the reasons for choosing the UK, target schools and majors;
3) understanding of the patent;
4) the employment prospect of the major.
How to answer these questions, we will explain in detail:
Previous study and work experience
In this regard, the visa officer will ask about the school, the major, the company name of the work, etc., and the relevant details.Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
In response to such questions, applicants should answer truthfully and actively produce relevant documents that prove their opinions, such as graduation certificates, transcripts, resignation letters and previous business CARDS.
The reasons for choosing the UK, the target school and the major;
For this part of the problem, applicants should be vigilant.
While some of the applicants have plans to work in the United States for a few years or a few years after graduation, we have to avoid this.
Why choose English, target school, the reason of major
We can highlight the advantages of the UK in terms of academic atmosphere, available resources, education level, etc. We can highlight the characteristics of our school in our major.
When the visa officer asks the applicant to apply for several schools and what they are, they usually list 6 or 7.
If the application is too large or too large, it may give the visa officer a reason to apply for a study in the United States, and therefore doubt our motivation for studying abroad.
The degree of understanding of the patent
For this kind of problem, we recommend applicants to have a preliminary understanding of the geography of the school. 
I also learned about the course design, graduation process, my major or the recent research topic of my tutor.
If the design to the sensitive professional, detailed introduces himself as far as possible to carry out the subject of "sensitivity", and actively to show proof of related materials, such as the United States support tutor wrote letter, mentor's resume and his papers in the field of related, etc.
The employment prospect of the major
Regardless of whether the cold door major or the popular major, the applicant should try to give the visa officer to see the applicant's confidence in the employment.
In particular, it is necessary to emphasize the development space of the major in China, as well as the potential employment direction, which can list the names of large companies, government departments or schools that require this professional talent. Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
Students studying in person should bear in mind that visa applicants need to bear the identification of their identity

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