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Interpretation of Australian tourism and hotel management

The hotel and tourism management major is a highly skilled business department, and is one of the most powerful business schools of Australian business group education.
As the traditional tourism country, Australia has very early to promote the hotel and tourism management education to a higher level, and make full use of Australia's rich tourism resources to develop other related disciplines segment. Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
According to the world's leading management consulting firm in Boston consulting firm, according to a report released in 2011, the domestic hotel industry and tourism industry over the next three years the average growth of more than 10%, in 2013 China will overtake Japan to become the world's second largest tourism market.
The development of domestic hotel industry and tourism industry has great potential and opportunity, and also provides a lot of employment opportunities for Chinese students studying in Australia.
Australian prime minister Julia gillard made it clear in late April that more Chinese tourists were welcome to visit Australia.
Although the domestic tourism industry is developing rapidly, it has not yet become the rigid demand of most Chinese people, so there is still tremendous room for growth.
As a result, the overall level of domestic universities in the disciplines of hotel and tourism management is not high.
Especially in the direction of star hotel management, tourism planning, tourism destination marketing, etc., the university of Australia has the comparative advantage.
According to the China Business Weekly magazine in June 2011 in a high-end hotel chain brand to the global famous intercontinental hotels in mainland China business development report that a foreign high-end hotel general manager admits the domestic university teachers know little about the industry, hotel management will only scripted and trained students will only die reading. Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
The report also revealed that intercontinental will need to hire 90,000 highly qualified Chinese employees in the next five years in mainland China.
These provide a great deal of work for hotel and tourism management students.
The curriculum
The hotel management management course mainly studies hotel operation and management, and usually includes a certain hotel practice course.
Hotel operational management needs to learn the financial management, marketing, international hotel management, staff management, strategic planning, and need to be aware of culture, the food and the problems in staff management.
Australian hotel management master programmes usually include hotel internships from three months to six months.
Tourism management courses mainly study the knowledge of marketing, tourist behavior, tourism service management and financial knowledge of tourism destinations.
Career prospects
After completing tourism or hotel management courses in Australia, graduates have a wide range of employment options in the tourism and hospitality industries.
Securitization graduates can work in domestic travel agencies, hotels, B2C tourism and holiday website management companies, airlines, tourist attractions, travel or find jobs related to advertising agencies in the hospitality industry.
Students who have a long internship experience in an Australian hotel can also apply for entry to international hotel chains to do primary operational management of all kinds of hotels in China.
Since Australia is a major tourist country, there are a lot of job opportunities in the major tourist cities of Australia after completing the master's degree in hotel or tourism management in Australia.
Application requirements
Bachelor's degree: it is not difficult to apply for undergraduate courses in Australian tourism and hotel management. Completion of a first-year diploma course in preparatory or some universities in Australia can be directly entered into the corresponding undergraduate courses.
Master's degree: master of tourism and hotel management in Australia does not require undergraduate applicants with relevant professional background. Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma

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