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Holland study diploma visa "anti - sign" policy

You can use the "anti-sign" procedure, that is, as long as the Dutch university admission, by the school on behalf of the Dutch immigration office to submit a visa application, through this way, the students received the visa, The sign rate is basically up to 100%. Therefore, the key to studying in the Netherlands is to get the school admission. While Dutch universities require applicants to provide high quality application materials. Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
In the international community, the Dutch colleges and universities with its training of applied talents of the school concept, practical curriculum, pay attention to the practice of teaching methods by the majority of international students welcome.... Especially at the University of The Hague, Rotterdam School of Business and other institutions of business world-renowned, students not only to Britain, the United States and other countries to exchange learning opportunities, and the last semester to provide paid internship opportunities. Therefore, all along, the Dutch university graduates of the level of knowledge and practical ability in Europe enjoy a very high reputation, and its classic business practice is sought after by international students.
Study in the Netherlands to use the "anti-sign" program to study the Netherlands to use the "anti-sign" process, that is, as long as the Dutch university admission, by the school on behalf of the Dutch immigration to submit a visa application, the visa rate is basically up to 100. Therefore, The key to the Netherlands is how to get college admission.
When you are interested in choosing a school, you must first understand whether the school is recognized by the state, as well as its conditions, professional and admission conditions. You can learn from the school's website, you can also learn through a number of specialized forums. Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
The most direct way is to face to face with the school in contact with the school.
Now there will always be a number of overseas exhibitions every year, so it is easy to have access to the school, sit down and negotiate with them is a direct understanding of the school, but also on the spot to apply for fancy school. Chat with them to understand the school, but also allows the school to understand you intuitively. Do not be afraid to speak badly, every school booth has a Chinese translation, but it is best not to pass the translation, to leave a good impression to the school is very important. If you want to apply, on the spot to fill out the application form, and then you can go back to prepare the required materials, sent to them by courier.
When the material is sent to school, you will receive an e-mail informing you that the material has been received and then you are patient to the audit results. Fast for a week or two, slow for more than a month, you will receive the audit results, but apply for a master's time may be longer.
Get the admission notice, you can transfer your file to the Chinese service center for long-term archiving, study abroad can also be here through overseas study abroad certification.
Go to the Netherlands and apply for up to 3 schools. Fill in the NESO table up to 3 universities, so you can wait for the results of the application of three schools, one is more insurance; Second, if they are admitted, the choice will be greater. After the results are received, you will receive an e-mail notification that you have been admitted, and the official documents will be sent to your home soon.
As the Dutch visa belongs to Schengen visa, the official called for MVV visa procedures, visa rate is high. The application materials include: 1. birth certificate and double certification. Need to take birth notarization, account and the necessary materials to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and embassies to do the certification, the time may be about 2 weeks. [SITESERVER_PAGE]
2. Unmarried notarization and non-criminal offense.
3.NESO proof. In order to apply for a study MVV visa, your receiving institution in the Netherlands will need to submit a Neso Certificate to the Dutch visa authority. Neso
Certificate is a document issued by NesoBeijing that certifies the validity of your English proficiency and academic degree certificates for your application to Dutch institutions of higher learning. The required materials include: Neso Certificate Registration Form, photocopy of IELTS transcripts, both Chinese and English transcripts and their notarization, notary in Chinese or English diploma or proof of proof.
4. Mortgage or proof of funds. Upon receipt of the admission notice, the school will send an official mortgage bill. You will be asked to send the required fee to the designated bank of the designated city of the school city. The deposit includes tuition fees, living expenses, visa fees, insurance premiums, housing mortgages and fees for applying for local residents' licenses. Because the cost is really a lot, so for the sake of prudence, it is best to contact with the school to determine the contents of the verification bill. OK, you can go to the bank transfer, the bank will give you a single, leave it, copy it, with a copy of the passport sent to the school, so the school can apply for a visa to the immigration.
5. Photocopy of passport.
And most countries, the Netherlands to adopt the "anti-sign" process. After the applicant is admitted to the Dutch university, the school on behalf of the Dutch immigration office to submit a visa application, the basic can get a visa. Visa cycle is short, about 1-2 months time, students from the school to get a visa about only 3 months time. Therefore, if the applicant meets the requirements of the school, the visa is not a big problem, should focus on how to get the school admission and data preparation.
Actively participate in interviews to get impressions. Holland colleges and universities need applicants to provide high quality application materials. Study in the Netherlands Because of the large number of applicants each year, if there is not enough attractive, your application letter is likely to be submerged.
If students participate in the school's interview, study the Netherlands and the principal or admissions officer face to face communication opportunities, which is students to show their desire to show, to show the opportunity to a great opportunity to greatly increase the chance of admission.Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma

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