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Analysis of diploma of financial professional or financial engineering qualification

It is not difficult to find out that they have a lot of misunderstanding about the understanding of finance and metalwork, and I find that many students understand the financial and the metalworkers in the consultation of foreign parents and students. Lack of, and even the reality is quite far away, so I hope that through this article, to sum up the difference between financial and metalwork. Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
First of all, want to point out that the financial profession is divided into two categories: one is the financial under the MBA, called MBA in finance, one is master of science in finance. There are also some students called purely financial professional.
MBA in finance is one of the most important forms of financial setting in American universities, because under the MBA program, the curriculum is designed to study the relevant management courses under the MBA, whose disciplines involve a wide range of diversification, but financial Professional not enough depth. This specialty is mainly to develop the already developed managers of experienced managers. That involves financial, financial, market, management and other aspects of the combination. Almost every outstanding university in the United States has an MBA, and MBA under the financial professional, so apply for MBA under the financial direction of the majority of applicants require 2 to 3 years or more full-time work experience. So for most of the undergraduate students in terms of students, there is not enough work experience, apply for MBA under the financial professional quite difficult.
The MSF curriculum is mainly to develop financial professionals, the main professional direction, including financial analysis, investment management and corporate finance, the typical core courses, including investment analysis, corporate finance and financial management and management accounting. The main courses include securities management, financial model construction, mergers and acquisitions, as well as real options, although there are some non-quantitative analysis of elective courses, such as corporate governance, business ethics and Business strategy and so on. But the main course of MSF basic to the main quantitative. Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
In recent years, academia has encouraged the development of interdisciplinary disciplines, so the boundaries between the various disciplines become increasingly blurred, from the Rochester financial professional website information can be seen, MSF addition to a large number of business courses, such as investment, Financial, but also to learn mathematics, statistics such a natural discipline, and economics of this social science. Therefore, MSF is a mathematical and economic principles to solve the actual financial problems of the subject, such as the valuation of listed companies, mergers and acquisitions stock price range, the interpretation of the balance sheet and so on.
The above is to explain the MSF, then we look at the MFE.
MFE is master of financial engineering, our domestic students are usually called financial engineering, the professional of the applicant's computer and math professional have a higher background requirements, so many students will think that MFE is the discipline of financial institutions, and MSF is Biographically disciplined. May be our national education has been to cultivate science and technology talent as the most important, so many students believe that the technical content of MFE is relatively high, MFE gold content is naturally higher than the MSF, so many students think they are going to "high technical content "Professional, so put their own professional positioning for the MFE.
MFE in the United States called the number of financial, financial mathematics, etc., is a master's degree in the discipline of a strong professional. Financial engineering is widely used in the model, mathematical analysis of the stock trend, yield curve, analysis of the pricing of various bonds, etc., can be said that financial engineering is the finance and mathematics, computational science, computer science cross-infiltration formed disciplines, financial engineering The theory and abstraction are relatively strong, it is more widely used in mathematics, physics, engineering methods, with mathematical language instead of the daily language to elaborate financial thinking, therefore, financial engineering and computer programming requirements are very high.
From the above information, MSF and MFE have a lot of mathematical content, and the need to use a lot of quantitative analysis tools, so they are certainly not "liberal arts." On the other hand, MSF content is quite extensive, covering from the individual to the enterprise of various financial issues, class can be based on their own interests, choose a suitable direction, after graduation want to find a "professional counterparts" when the choice is more ; MFE because of the relatively narrow learning content, the degree of freedom of the course is not MSF large, so the choice of employment side, smaller than the MSF. Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma

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