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Apply for graduate diploma in Singapore university

In 2017, I will go to the university of Singapore to graduate with a master's degree. I can apply to both Singapore public university and private university.
A graduate student in a public university usually requires a degree of 211,985, with a school record of 85 or more, and the ielts score above 6.5.
Singapore has a relatively low entry threshold for private universities, with the average undergraduate graduating with an ielts score of 6-6. Some schools offer language courses.
In addition, he introduced the application materials and popular major of the university. Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
Singapore graduate application conditions
Application for a master's degree in Singapore public university is usually 211,985, a full-time four-year undergraduate degree, and the average undergraduate needs outstanding and outstanding students.
The average grade of the school should be above 85;
Ielts is required for the gmat and gre scores in part of the above 6.5 points.
Business major requires at least two years or more working experience.
The average ielts score of the Singapore private university is at least 6 points, and some schools have no ielts scores to go to the language preparatory course.
Students have a minimum average of 75 points;
Some business needs more than two years of working experience.
Master of Singapore public universities do not accept students to apply for, but some private colleges and universities receive, for example, Singapore PSB college generally need 2-3 years of working experience, and ielts 6 points, not readable language courses. Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
Application materials for postgraduate diploma in Singapore
1. Application form for study abroad (Chinese);
2. The study plan (Chinese), the student's signature (two copies);
"Study abroad program" is the top priority, and it is important to write clearly about what courses to take in Singapore and what plans will be made in the future.
3. Passport type 8 photos of the applicant;
4. Four notarization (one original and one copy) : (Chinese and English) notarization;
Educational background (Chinese and English) notarization;
Achievements (Chinese and English) notarization;
More than 160,000 RMB deposit (Chinese and English) notarization, more funds to prove better;
5. Certificate of highest academic qualification or reading certificate (photocopy);
6. The applicant's highest transcript or relevant certificate (photocopy);
7. A copy of the applicant's student id card;
8. Photocopy of the applicant's passport page;
Bank passbook, certificate of deposit (including notarized certificates of deposit and other certificates of deposit) (copy one copy);
10. Proof of work status of the applicant and parents (the uniform format of the embassy provided by the center);
11. If the applicant's parents are a private owner, provide a copy of the corresponding business license;
12. Copies of other documents showing the strength of the family economy (if any).
Remark: please use A4 paper for the above photocopy.
The certificate shall be copied from the cover to the certification page;
The original certificate of deposit shall be retained until the approval is made. Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma

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