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From "the first half of my life," I saw the importance of being an independent and proud woman

"The first half of my life" is based on yishu's novel of the same name, which tells the story of a young woman who has been abandoned by her husband, who, with the help of her best friend, has made a comeback, and has taken away her best friend.
"My first half" to tell you that women can't without work, the work is not only to make money for the family, but a dignity, but work too busy women also not everyone is expected to become a man.
People labeled the women tend to be "smart", "smart", "omnipotent", can not only take good care of the family, and capable of a career, always enjoy a high quality life, discrepancy and deal with all kinds of high-end places, but how many people can see them behind the is not easy, a strong woman to pay for this effort is much more often than men.
Being a woman is also a dream, ambition and ability to be a woman, regardless of age, you need to find a good career. Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
Education class of girls - the home of warm harbour
Many of the boys around him regard the young teacher as the best mate standard.
It is a man's greatest happiness and privilege to be able to find a girl with a education class.
The girls of education class are mostly beautiful and gentle. Most of them have rational thinking and can distinguish right from wrong. Naturally, they can be more considerate of their partners and give more rational support to their partners.
Education girls are likely to be teachers in the future, and can communicate with parents and children in a timely manner to establish a good family relationship.
In addition, the girls of education class are the children's most free teachers, natural environment protection, and careful caress and loving.
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Art class girl - the unassailable temperament
The girl of art class, besides the beauty of appearance, more let a person fold is its otherworldly temperament.
A girl who has a strong sense of art and has long been exposed to the artistic atmosphere is not the same as the average girl.
Maybe a man can refuse a vase type of girl, but very few men can resist the unique temperament of the woman, that temperament is like the flower fragrance, let a person linger on...
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Economic and financial girls - practical family butlers
If a man is too practical for life, it is the best choice for him to choose a woman who is an economic and financial professional.
The female students majoring in economics and finance are more advanced, and they tend to have good views and performance in the economic and business fields.
Therefore, this kind of professional girls come to a lot of money, two come to manage financial life. Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
It would be great if I could marry such a girl.
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Language girls - fashion-forward can make money
As one of the more advanced ideas of western fashion, the language class has undoubtedly become the object of hunting for men.
Due to its long exposure to western culture, it is natural to be particularly fashionable, and it is also the dream of many men to marry such girls.
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Management of girls -- the original flavor of life
Life that is too ordinary is a matter of great dislike and fear for many men.
It is a wise choice to find a management girl at this time.
Most of the girls in management have received advanced management ideas from home and abroad. They have not only learned how to manage a company, but also manage employees, and learn how to manage a husband.
They can even according to west Abraham maslow's "hierarchy of needs theory", to know a man's needs at any time, can let oneself of husband in bland surprise to enjoy life, live in such a girl side to be able to feel the happiness of life happy flavor. Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
Such a girl, the man will be willing to give up?

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