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Higher education jobs are not just Chinese characteristics, but Korean high school students are more likely to be employed

According to media reports, it will be easier to get straight jobs for Korean high school graduates in the future, but it's getting harder to get people with college degrees.
South Korea's ministry of labor employment has published a report, the topic is "the supply of human resources for the medium and long term outlook", the report said that by 2020, to 670000 the number of Korean high school personnel, and enterprise personnel required for 990000 people, is a high school diploma personnel lacking basically for 320000 people.
By contrast, there were 4.66 million people in college, and the number of people who actually needed it was 4.16 million, a surplus of half a million.
If this trend is to be followed, it will be easier for graduates from high school to get jobs in the future, and it will be increasingly difficult for those with higher degrees to get jobs.
South koreans' enthusiasm for education is well known around the world. Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
Obama has said, "learn the Korean education craze."
And the appointment of south koreans to the education sector in the United States has led to a massive overhaul of American schools education.
Parents in South Korea have so far taken the motto of "meng mu SAN qian" as their motto, to get better education for their children, and sacrifice everything.
For more than a decade, the phenomenon of large Numbers of "daddy geese" in south Korean society is evident.
A large number of Korean children in primary and secondary schools go to the United States, China and other places to study abroad, because they are too young, so many of them are carried by mothers.
Result leaves dad a person to stay in South Korea, people put these lonely stay in Korea for wife and children make money dads called "goose like elongation neck missing loved ones", so he is called "goose father".
Seoul jiangnan district is a place where all kinds of extracurricular education institutions gathered, is South Korea's highest prices, but in order to allow the children to the best on the cram school, many parents do not hesitate to narrow the area of the house, moved to the jiangnan area. Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
For the sake of the children's education, the practice of "mengmu sanqian".
Because every parent has so painstakingly cultivated their children, Korean students have entered a competitive environment from a young age.
Attending a university in Seoul is the goal of the average high school student. To attend a university in Seoul, you can't sleep more than four hours a day throughout high school.
At present, the rate of enrollment of Korean universities is over 80%, and there are few people who can't attend college.
Even went to college, in order to obtain better jobs, many students willing to continue to study for a master's, doctorate, in the past, the master of PhD graduates are generally to institute or a university professor, but excess because now a doctoral student, the employment opportunity is limited, so a large surplus of highly educated people.
These highly educated people have become a "high degree of poverty", which has become a headache for the government.
In recent years, there have been instances of suicides among people with high educational backgrounds, including time lecturers, screenwriters and other writers of the university of Seoul.
Because highly educated people more and more, so in South Korea is known as the "3 d" dirty, tired of the humble so-called "low-level vocational" nobody did, for many years has been by those overseas workers make up for the vacancy.
If such a society does not change, there will be more areas occupied by foreigners in the future.
This phenomenon is also a side effect of education overheating in South Korea.
Based on the serious problem of serious shortage of human resources in high school, the government of South Korea is preparing various measures to win the balance of Korean social education. Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma

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