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Can foreign students' personal security be "self-seeking" buy USA diplomas

The number of overseas students in China is growing rapidly, and the total number of students studying abroad in 2016 has reached more than 540,000.
Recently, visiting scholar zhang yingying's abduction incident has caused the whole society to pay attention to the safety of foreign students.
Today, "global Chinese radio network" of special planning in exile, want peace, focusing on students study in exile may meet safety, transportation, medical security risks, such as inviting all continents mainly about the experience of international students studying area, safety action strategy;
To interview relevant consular protection agencies and overseas study experts to provide professional guidance and advice.
Epicenter wide net Beijing on July 10, the news (reporter Zhang Xiaoxuan) according to the voice of China "global Chinese radio network" report, Illinois in the United States, China, 26, a visiting scholar ZhangYingYing June 9 lost in this year, as life and death is unknown;
Li yangjie, a 25-year-old Chinese student in the German state of saan, disappeared on May 11 last year. Two days later, the body was found.
The suspect, who is suspected of kidnapping and possibly murdering zhang yingying, has pleaded not guilty to the charges.
Alleged to seek help lure Li Yangjie into the room, and rape, killing two suspects, one of them has pleaded guilty, if not a major turning point, a local court is expected in August this year.
This is the two most influential overseas Chinese students' personal injury cases in the last two years.
On top of that, the news that Chinese students have had personal injury from a robbery and involvement in the case of a Chinese student has occasionally appeared in the circle of friends from overseas students.
The "petty pilfering" that happens from time to time is also nerve-wracking.
In some developed countries, such as the United States and Germany, the security situation is not satisfactory.
The incidence of violent crime in the United States is higher than at home, but violent crime has declined in recent years, according to jiang, an associate professor at Peking University law school.
"If there is a homicide rate, the United States is certainly higher than China, and China is very safe in terms of homicide.
These two countries, in the last decade, have seen a decline in violent crime as a whole, while property crime is rising.
In recent years, German security has deteriorated and has become a hot topic in this general election, according to zhou lei, who has lived in Germany for a long time.
In France and Britain, with the frequent occurrence of terrorist attacks, security issues have also become the focus of public attention.
Is it true that overseas Chinese students are only "self-seeking"?
In addition to anxiety and worry, safety tips have also spread widely among the friends of overseas students.
A doctoral student at the central institute of technology in Lyon, France, has retained a copy of the public account from Lyon.
Content saving: avoid carrying large amounts of cash with you, and try to swipe card consumption;
Do not reveal money or valuables;
In the airport, railway station, subway station and other public places, people's crowded tourist attractions, subway, buses, trams, please double up vigilance and take precautions.
Take good care of important documents such as passport and provide a copy. Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
Documents, mobile phones and wallets are stored separately.
A person who refuses to accosted and asks to sign a petition in a tourist attraction;
Not participating in or watching various forms of roadside games.
Avoid going out alone at night and try to walk on more people's streets.
In case of robbery, don't overreact, get to the nearest police station or call the police.
If you lose * * * or * *, please report it as soon as possible.
If you lose your travel documents, please report the case and contact the Chinese embassy in Beijing.
Not only are Lyons, the organizations that are related to Chinese students everywhere, but also from time to time release and push all kinds of security information.
There are a wide variety of messages, and there are hints that certain areas need to be avoided, and specific information can be used to check local "crime maps".
There are also hints about how to protect your wallet from "sheep". Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
There are also some "platitudes", such as trying to travel in groups, avoiding going out after dark, and not trusting strangers.
If zhang yingying and li yangjie meet, they belong to the extreme cases of prevention, and there are some dangers that may inadvertently appear beside them.
Illinois in the United States to study abroad Blair school recalled the experience, "I was more than 9 p.m. to go home from school, met a group of people get drunk, they also do not like to have malicious, but still a little nervous, they surrounded, said some not very good English.
I did not speak to them, nor did I walk quickly, nor did I prepare myself; if anything, I would have run to many places.
After that night, because of the car, we would drive through those places."
There is always a way to avoid the dangers, even if there are no private cars that are insulated from the storms and strangers.
In many American schools, students who learn late at night can choose the free night security service provided by the school.
There are new students who have just arrived overseas, and enjoy the advice and help of senior. Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
However, careful precautions, still unavoidable.
Experts suggest that, in case of personal injury, the relevant recourse should also be known.
"The most direct and important way is to turn to the police for help.
In addition, Chinese students should keep close relations with Chinese embassies and consulates. When similar incidents occur, they should inform the diplomatic and consular missions in time and provide relevant assistance to them.
Third, in terms of learning of students in the United States, and to strengthen the contact with Chinese students and scholars groups, relevant events, should tell them in time, so that they can timely intervention, and provide the related help." buy USA diplomas

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