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What are the details of studying in Canada?

Canadian study abroad details
1, say hello Just smile or allow general, waving. For the first time, Canadians generally shake hands and volunteered. One-on-one should be gazing at each other's eyes. Met acquaintances, waved and said: "HOW ARE YOU?" Is the most common way to say hello, the answer is generally "FINE, THANKS."Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
2, dining in Canada, breakfast usually fruit, fruit juice, bread, hamburgers, coffee and so on. Weekends sometimes have eggs, cakes and ham. Lunch is very simple, usually soup, sandwiches, fruit and milk. Dinner is usually at 6 o'clock in the evening, usually containing meat or fish, vegetables, rice or potatoes, desserts and bread. If you are having a meal with a Canadian family, it's best to let someone try to imitate when food is delivered on the table. Usually in Canada, each person needs to spend 200 Canadian dollars to purchase food.
3, Tips Tipping is generally 10% -15% of the pre-tax cost, generally paid to the restaurant waiter, taxi driver, barber hairdresser and so on.
 4, the title Most Canadians name order is the name, center name and last name, to respect the table. When meeting people for the first time, use the appellation (Ms, Mrs, Miss, Mr, Dr) and last name (eg, Mr.SMITH). After understanding, each other will let you name their name.Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
5, the bus system can take a bus to reach most parts of the city, the fare of 1.75 Canadian dollars. With a student ID card to purchase student monthly pass, quoted at 42 Canadian dollars to 75 Canadian dollars, depending on the ride area may be.
 6, a taxi 15 minutes by car costs about 15-20 Canadian dollars.
7, bicycles In Vancouver and Victoria, the law requires riding a bicycle is necessary to wear helmets, night riding bicycles necessary to equip the lights.
8, crossing the street must see the pedestrian traffic lights, pedestrian traffic lights and some people control (button).
9, communicative Canadians are very direct, generally quickly enter the topic. Speak often with each other to maintain a 2-foot interval, habitual gestures, but also insisted on eye contact. In Canada, it was impolite to announce a loud noise when eating. Smoking is not allowed in public places in Canada, and homestay families generally do not allow smoking.
10, if the gift is living in a homestay, can bring a small gift. The best time to give gifts is just upon arrival. The best gift is something that represents your own civilization.Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma

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