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What are the most likely psychological problems for British students?

What are the most simple questions that British students present?
A: In order to father and mother go abroad scene: Many high school students rely on father and mother to decide their own life, study abroad but only to fulfill the aspirations of father and mother, the results of absent-minded days abroad. Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
Ways: First of all, we must first clear ourselves is not suitable for going abroad, can not completely listen to the organization of parents, to be self-owned master. Poor academic performance, but also do not go abroad to prepare students best not to go abroad, or that is a devastating.
 Second: impulse to go abroad with a hobby scene: Some students go abroad to study there is no clear policy, based entirely on impulse, purely by preference and love to go abroad, the lack of plan after the completion of the policy.
Ways: hobbies and preferences should obey the work carried out! Select professional cautious, professional too strong or too popular professional, will cause hard work.
 Three: self-care ability to poor scenery: Some students do not laundry cooking, will not deal with personal relationships, self-care ability to poor. Once the situation is presented, they first make a transatlantic call and complain from their parents, for help. Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
Approach: Parents should allow their children to build unique knowledge, to give children the opportunity to create independent growth. Advocate let the child own brain, self, hands-on study-related work.
Four: more than rich Doo boast spectacle: children studying abroad, there is no shortage of giants offspring. These children are well-mannered, lavish and loving, complimenting each other and boasting each other.
Approach: Advocate the child after leaving the country do not give too much pocket money, let the children focus on learning, the days on the go.
Five: Act understanding thin profile: Many Chinese students on foreign laws and regulations failed to meet the standards of attention, love impatience, the Act is very poor understanding. If you do not do it safely, you are driving around for a drive, and we fight for other students in our country.
Approach: Let children learn about laws and ordinances from an early age, establish a legal understanding. Before going abroad, to participate in some training or related lectures, prior to understand the laws and regulations of foreign countries.
Six: Reflect not active, too low profile: Perhaps affected by the traditional thinking of our country, our students abroad is too restrained. Class meetings always pick a remote location, teachers often have no doubt to ask lectures, the classroom will not be active answer.
Approach: The educational environment abroad is very open, class should be active reply to the teacher's questions, say your idea, even if your answer is incorrect and the teacher may argue. Do not let off any consideration of opportunity, not bound by their own characteristics.
Seven: the lack of courtesy scene: Our students are not good at expressing gratitude, perhaps not often used polite language habits. Together they are enthusiastic, love get together, talk in public. Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
Ways: The West is seeking to be on its own without prejudice to others under the premise. In fact, respect for others is to protect themselves comfortable.
Eight: hands to poor Scenery: foreign educational environment initiated training students to consider and hands-on talent alone. Therefore, self-learning ability to request is very high, which resulted in many Chinese students can not keep up hands-on ability to use bad.
Solution: The ability to think independently is very important. Study abroad to learn to find information from their own, learn to judge themselves, learn to go to internship, learn to handle their own work.

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