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Studying in the UK to study abroad to prove that funds must not make these mistakes!

Study abroad, go to the United Kingdom to study, the British essay network Xiaobian reminded students to study abroad to prove that funds do not make these mistakes!
  Proof of capital is not the sooner the better
  Misconduct: students need to apply for a student visa to study in England to provide proof of financial resources issued by the bank. Therefore, some parents put the money into the bank immediately after the bank to prove the funds, I think this insurance.Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
  Correct approach: Although the bank certificate is a visa officer to judge the economic ability of the family an important reference, but the issuance of time pay attention. Experts said that the bank's proof of time is that the bank will freeze the deposit during the period.
  This is the best proof of proximity to the visa, the time for the bank issued. If the issuance of certificates too early in time, the visa officer may thaw because of the funds on whether the money can support the cost of studying questioned the impact of receipt.
  Study abroad funds ready to cram
  Improper approach: study abroad countries generally require a margin deposit, at least six months. While some parents intend to send their children to study abroad, they did not make the necessary financial preparations. As a result, the deposit period was too short and did not meet the requirements, causing unnecessary trouble in visas.
  Correct approach: There is a characteristic of study abroad spending a short period of time is the need for large amounts of funds, it is best to study abroad one or two years in preparation, especially for the study of the passbook is best to apply for a year before deposit. Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
  Although some overseas students have sufficient financial resources to study at home, for some reason they can not get the full payment in a single moment. In such cases, students can apply for a student loan to the bank, and the purpose of the loan can cover the cost of studying and living abroad.
  Remittances, cash remittances
  Improper approach: Some parents worry that when their children just go out, because there is no account and affect learning and life, a lot of cash for children to carry out. Some feel that the transfer of bank trouble, through the bank exchange, the foreign exchange will be taken out, and then remitted to foreign countries.
  Correct approach: China's foreign currency carrying foreign currency by the amount of strict rules, more than part of the remittance can only be remitted to. If carrying a large amount of cash to be checked out, ranging from being detained, heavy accountability for illegal. Experts point out that remittances to foreign countries, remitted directly after the banks purchase foreign exchange, the procedure is simpler and cheaper. If you withdraw the cash and remittances, because cash into cash exchange difference, higher cost. At the same time, the deposit of more than 5,000 US dollars in cash, but also to explain to the bank the source of cash.
  Deposits "frozen" for too long
  Improper approach: Some customers to open proof of savings, did not understand in advance, the result of the deposit "frozen" for too long, affecting the use.
  Correct approach: the time of deposit, should be based on the different requirements of countries studying abroad, is 3 months, 6 months or 1 year, 1 year and a half, it is best to consult beforehand, and then apply for the corresponding period of proof of deposit. During the proof period, the bank will freeze the deposit. Experts advise that the bank issued a certificate to be preserved. Ruoyin visa refused to school reports, banks are still ready to thaw deposits, easy to use.Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
  Exchanges do not pass formal channels
  Improper approach: the purchase of foreign exchange policy is not clear, or to reduce the cost of exchange, still habitually find "cattle", bought cash and then to foreign exchange. Through other channels to study abroad funds remitted abroad.
  Correct approach: The state administration of foreign exchange is very strict, but for foreign students, remittance, remittance is still relatively easy. Experts said that at present, many banks have opened a business of exchange and remittance. Everyone in the normal channels can exchange foreign exchange within 50,000 U.S. dollars for each year. All this money can meet the normal needs of studying and living abroad.Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma

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