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Common mistakes in studying in the UK: Do not be fooled

Studying abroad is an important landmark event for children's life and requires careful planning of rational planning. Below to see the UK paper education network Xiaobian introduce you to study abroad under the mistaken idea Raiders, do not be fooled Oh!
  Misunderstandings in the UK Raiders 1: The cost of studying in the United Kingdom is the most expensive in the world
  You can not refute the pound sterling, but that the cost of studying in the world the most expensive in the world have to talk about it.
  British undergraduate: 3 years, about 100W
  British master: 1 year system, 25W-30W, about 35W in London
  Above all the living expenses + tuition, on this also asked the country's junior partner, undergraduate is not too big, Master Double, so the United Kingdom really expensive. Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
  Misunderstanding in the United Kingdom Raiders Raiders II: As long as the background is good, how late the application is OK
  British universities have always taken the principle of early application for early admission and the number of places under each university's profession is limited. There is a classic saying that it is not bad: the opportunity is reserved for those who are prepared. British universities are applying one year in advance, early application will give myself more time to prepare for IELTS, if you receive the conditional offer also have plenty of time to face, to ensure foolproof and smoothly go to the ideal school.
  Most UK colleges and universities are studying the background of the students studying abroad, professional equally, whether it is the 985,211 key universities; whether the school nets ranked first; whether the average score is good; these are a British university students to study standards. But often some students are also inadvertently lost Jingzhou in this area, guilty of excellent background guilty of procrastination, dragged on to the background far less than their own have been offered Offer, but their favorite university rejected, Unbearable grievances have not been understood.
 Misunderstanding of the British study Raiders 3: British master's system, do not fly 1 year
 Domestic postgraduate programs are usually two to three years. In the United Kingdom, if the language is more or less limited, how can it be possible to complete a course of two years or three years in the same discipline in other countries within one year. Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
  Yes, the United Kingdom completed one 2-3 year course in another country for one year. It is not uncommon for students in the UK to go to school either in class or in class. Enriching the same course within a year means that babies going to the UK need to work 2-3 times more abroad during the year. Not the British teaching system is lazy, but rather we know how valuable time is for a person.
  Misunderstanding in the United Kingdom Raiders Raiders four: low ranking schools do not fly
  It must be said that British universities are excellent all over the world, leading to many British universities on almost any world-class list. Different ranking agencies have different standards, different standards naturally have different rankings.
  However, the United Kingdom is also angry enough to say that some schools are full of conflagration, professional super-Niubi. Such as the interpretation of Wittminster, Aberdeen's oil professional, Strathclyde's marketing, all are professional leaders, so when you apply for more or professional look at the rankings is the king .
  Actually, there is not only one England in the UK. You put three babies in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland where it is quite normal to have less than 25W in some areas. This is actually not difficult to understand, just as the north of the spending power is second and third tier cities can not contend with the same, the specific problems have to be analyzed in detail, a stick killed but wrong Yo. Moreover, compared with tuition and living expenses, we should consider the issue of cost-effective. Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
  Misunderstanding in the United Kingdom Raiders 5: poor employment
  Put aside the misunderstanding that students have about British schools, in fact, many domestic employers and units have a lot of prejudice against them. To a certain extent, this has led many students to worry about the employment prospects after their studies. However, in fact, the box-paper sister wants to talk about the employment of this matter, the most important thing is whether they have the ability to engage in their own studies through the study abroad. This is also a manifestation of enhancing their competitiveness. Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma

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