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Comparison of American East, Central and Western Universities Where do you love?

In addition to the school rankings, professional ranking, tuition and other factors, the school's geographical location is also very important considerations, in different areas of study may directly determine your next few years The style of how. What is the difference between American culture and diversity in different places? Let us take a look at the United States northeast, middle and west study life comparison. Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
Northeast is the most developed industrial and commercial areas of the United States, a high degree of urbanization, educational resources developed. Where famous schools gathered, the famous Ivy League school gathered here. New York is a paradise for learning finance, art and the media, because it is rich in culture, rich in artistic atmosphere, and filled with a large number of financial institutions.
In New York, all kinds of opportunities and resources are unmatched by other cities in the United States. If you love the city life, here, you can not only see the world-class brands and restaurants, but also in Chinatown and Flushing to find any Chinese goods looking for.
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In Washington, DC, you will have the opportunity to deal with a large number of government agencies and nonprofit organizations, learning media, public relations, public policy students will find a fertile soil. Unlike New York's ambitious urban temperament, Washington is more restrained, serious, but yet losing its charm.
Boston is another important city in the northeast and one of the oldest and most culturally diverse cities in the United States, and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University are located here.
In other parts of the northeastern United States, there are also a number of excellent universities. These cities and universities have their own characteristics, do not do a detailed description here. But it is worth mentioning that the Boston-Washington city belt (referring to the extension of Boston to New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington, DC metropolitan area) gathered the best quality educational resources in the United States, the richest cultural resources, the most adequate work Opportunities and the most convenient living conditions for the students studying in the northeast to provide a vast world, so here is the first choice for Chinese students to study abroad. Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
The United States gathered in the western part of many well-known enterprises, especially IT companies, a wealth of internships and employment opportunities to make it a lot of computer professional students a popular choice.
If you've seen an old movie "Seattle Sleepless", you should be aware of the beauty of the port city of Seattle. Starbucks and junk music were born here. If you are a rock fan, you might want to see Kurt Koburn. Seattle has 2,200 computer companies, including the famous Microsoft. Boeing, the world's largest aircraft manufacturer, is also located here. Here a mild climate, pleasant scenery, is a good livable city.
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Another option in the western United States is of course California. It is the seat of Silicon Valley, an important electronics industry base in the United States, and is home to world-class universities such as Stanford University, California State University Berkeley, and California Polytechnic University. California's climate is different, but on the whole, the sun is full, or more pleasant.
The large land in the middle of the United States accounts for a large area of ​​its land. Central also has a lot of famous universities, but more dispersed, not so concentrated in the northeast. On the whole, there is a lack of a metropolis like New York and Los Angeles on the vast land in the middle, the only one that can be compared to Chicago.
Chicago is the third largest city in the United States, the second largest commercial center, the largest futures center, and one of the world's most important financial centers, so it will be a good place for many financial and legal students. The University of Chicago's contribution to a number of disciplines is groundbreaking, and its academic competence is unquestionable, but it is said that in recent years due to security problems, many students prefer to apply to the town of Evans, relatively more secure Northwestern University The
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The middle of the United States is a place for peace of mind, because there are not many entertainment projects, life is not convenient, not too many distracting things. Although the summer here is cool and pleasant, autumn scenery, but the winter is long and cold, the Great Lakes in the vicinity of the year will encounter at least once a storm. Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma

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