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What are the most popular majors in Malaysia?

An introduction to the hot majors at the university of sitanya in Malaysia
Classical music literature
Music (honours) degree program is for those who hope to learn classical music and reach the level of senior students, set the course has a very solid and balanced curriculum knowledge, put an end to the insufficient knowledge on a particular field to the student the possibility of impact.
It is very important to play the subject and play relevant subjects in this major, and it also includes subjects such as history, analysis and style writing. Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
The industry of acting and teachers can also play a role in the music industry as managers, managers, and even higher positions.
English language and communication literature
This course is a discipline designed to train students who are not native speakers to have excellent English communication skills.
Students will be able to think comprehensively and clearly.
Keepers advertising copywriter, and the books, the writer, biographer, book publishing, the announcer, a career counselor, child-care experts, columnist, therapists, communication skills trainers, consultants, marketing assistant, creative writer, critic, editor, ESL instructors, hr assistant, an interpreter/translator, journalists, marketing specialist, manuscript readers, assistant of mass media, news reports, the proofreader, public relations assistant, etc.
Bachelor of business administration
Professional characteristics: this undergraduate degree enables students to acquire professional knowledge and skills in business administration through a rich learning experience and challenging business management courses.
The students' grades included exams, projects, assignments, and an academic paper in the final year.
Employment: this course enables students to take administrative positions in various public institutions or private enterprises, while also allowing students to have the potential for in-depth research in their own careers. Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
The initial areas of choice include management, finance, marketing, public relations, human resources, management and industry.
Students who complete the course may be exempted from 12 of the 16 required subjects of ICSA, the secretary of the chartered company and the executive council.
Bachelor of accounting and finance
Specialty: this degree provides students with a comprehensive knowledge of accounting, finance and business.
The degree assessment consists of a series of tests, projects, assignments, and an academic paper completed in the final year.
Students who complete the course may be exempted from 9 of the 14 required subjects of ACCA (international certified public accountants).
Employment: graduates of this course can get the necessary accounting and financial basics, comprehensive knowledge and application skills.
Bachelor of science in electrical engineering
Professional characteristics: fully embody the development of combining theory and practice.
Therefore, this course covers a wide range of disciplines, from electronic science and circuit design to computers, power systems, control, communications and digital networks.
Obtain employment domain: this degree course for the students in the electronics, integrated circuit design, electronic communications, digital signal processing, electronic power system, the software system engineering, management consulting these industries was sufficient groundwork.
Bachelor degree in electronic communication engineering
Professional introduction: communication is one of the main growth areas in the industry, the students will learn to the operating principle and the instrument design, field involved from mobile phones to wireless Internet and satellite communication system.
The subject of this course is quite extensive, from electronic science and circuit design to computer, optical fiber systems, microwave circuits, communications and digital networks.
Employment: graduates of this major will be well suited to work in the fields of design, industrial manufacturing, radio operations, optical communication systems and other communications related fields.
Graduates will be able to work in the fields of communication, optical fiber, networking and software engineering since the emergence of multimedia high-end fields.
Tourism management literature
Tourism is regarded as a very important and feasible global industry.Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
In Malaysia, it is the fastest growing and the largest source of income, and provides a great deal of business and employment opportunities.
Business meetings, business deals and business activities are booming in the travel industry, and the sarawak conference board (SCB), founded by sarawak, has given this favorable opportunity.
In its first year of operation, the sarawak conference board has confirmed the new 24 state meetings, which means an estimated 16,000 hotel rooms and $16.3 million in horse COINS.
Potential industry and realize the dynamic human capital, it needs qualified sarawak branch opened the UCSI university bachelor of tourism management course will guide students to enter one of the most successful and most valuable career of tourism.
Employment: graduates of this subject have wide and varied employment opportunities.
Student class expected to be employed:
Government agencies, tourism agencies, travel agencies, exhibition bureaus, activity management companies, destination management companies, tourism research companies, tourism consulting, education institutions
Mass media and literature
This degree program provides students with a deeper understanding of mass media in today's information-oriented society.
The course integrates theory, research, practice and thematic commentary to give full play to the students' potential to create a brilliant achievement in mass media and instill students' leadership in mass media.
Employment: this major is designed for students who are interested in the mass media and who will be their future careers.
For mass media graduates, their career paths are endless.
Students can engage in film and television production, desktop publishing, news work, public relations, advertising, marketing, radio, drama directing, event management, etc.
Bachelor of psychology
Introduction: the course of bachelor of psychology is designed to train students to master the necessary knowledge and skills and to help people adjust their health in a social and working environment.
The course also features two main features: academic study and three vacation internships.
Students will learn and learn to the psychology principle and practical psychology (such as in industrial and organizational, wide in the field of education, bed area), the students can gain practical value to the society and community services.
The field of employment: for students who are actively pursuing and challenging professional careers in the field of psychology, systematic training through this major will bring good prospects to students.
Main working areas include: commercial advertising, business and market research, public relations, human resource development, education, consumer behavior research, crisis management center, health and medical centers, and more of other industries.
Through further study of psychology, graduates can also enter the professional field: psychological counseling, psychological counseling, enterprise training, lecturers and therapists, etc.
Modern music literature
To prepare for the interview, please prepare the tapes of three different instruments
The modern music bachelor's degree is tailored to students who want to develop the music.
As a result of the course covers mainly adaptation, skills, performance, recording and music business disciplines (but not ignore other aspects of learning, such as: contemporary music theory, music listening training and edit), the degree graduates can be engaged in the field of modern music industry challenging and high returns.
Employment: education work, guidance work, song writing, music therapy.Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma

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