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South Korea study: public, private which good?

Analysis of the differences between Korean university diplomas, private and national:
College rank VS professional rank
Some students only recognize the top universities when choosing a school, which is not accurate.
The average university is ranked in a comprehensive ranking, and it is best to look at the majors that students are planning to learn and then go to school.
Some schools are famous for their liberal arts, and some schools are famous for their science, which is to consult the professional ranking of the school.
For example, the university of guangyun in Seoul doesn't rank high, but he has a strong computer program and has the highest employment rate in South Korea after graduation.
So choose a school according to your own specialty.Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
Private universities VS national universities
80% of universities in South Korea are private, and state universities are few.
Because the reputation of private colleges and universities in China is not very good, it is a mistake to choose other countries' schools.
I'm going to say a number that makes it clear that the top 10 universities in South Korea are private universities, except Seoul.
For our Chinese students, private national has the following two points difference: the first is the tuition, the national university tuition is relatively low, about 1-30000 yuan a year, according to different schools and professional fees).Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
Private tables are a bit more expensive, and we can see from this that the children of working families can choose national universities.
The second is the achievement, the national university has the higher requirement of the achievement, need the college entrance exam results generally.
Students with low grades are struggling to study at the national university, so think carefully.
There is no difference between academic qualification and employment.
Seoul VS other cities (ministry of education certification, visa processing) 80% of the students' first choice in Seoul, South Korea, parents choose the area is reasonable, Seoul is South Korea's economic center, education center, work treatment is good.
But is Seoul really suitable for students?
We compare Seoul to other cities.Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
First is consumption, Seoul working although treatment is good, but is proportional to the treatment and consumption, consumption level is far higher than other city of Seoul, college tuition is much higher than other cities.
The second is the university distribution, the student says that the university is in Seoul, actually otherwise, qingbei national is in daqiu, busan national in busan, can we say these two schools not good?
In other words, Seoul has more good universities, but other cities have good universities.
International students can first learn about the university that decides their choice.Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma

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