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In recent years, the study of Juris Doctor at an Australian university has become a popular choice for many students interested in practicing law.
Although JD courses are becoming more and more popular.
JD is called Juris Doctor, which is a Doctor's degree in Chinese, but it is not a Doctor's degree. It is not a Doctor's degree, but a graduate degree, which originated in the United States.
JD law graduates cannot immediately be qualified for practice, they need to take part in some legal practice, and they can obtain the Australian lawyer's license without having to take the examination after the internship.
But in Australia, there are not many universities offering this course.
The university of Sydney law school is no doubt one of the best in the world because only the top law schools are eligible for JD.
However, the recent online rumor that "the university of Sydney JD programme does not accept students with a legal background". buy Australia universit diploma, buy RMIT university degree

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