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Chinese female tourists in Hokkaido missing Japanese students are not safe?

Chinese female teachers lost contact in Japan, will it affect Japan?
[" girls with diploma in overseas education should pay more attention "]
We have been interviewed by a number of Chinese students and office workers who have lived in Japan for many years.
Most respondents thought Japan's security situation was better.
However, most respondents pointed out that they could not be taken lightly in a safe environment. Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
Mr Wei, who works in the IT industry in Tokyo, told reporters that the security of Japan was still relatively reassuring and that there were cases of vicious cases.
But he cautions that going out -- especially girls -- is something that can be done even in a safe place.
Chen, a student at the university of Tokyo, told reporters that the social environment in Japan was more repressive, and that some people did have revenge on society.
Foreign students should pay attention to their living environment, choose to be close to the street, convenient transportation, manage better apartments, make friends carefully, and don't get too late.
Mr. Han, who lives in kawasaki city, kanagawa, is engaged in research. Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
He said that living in a small city felt safer, but the level of security in the more prosperous and crowded areas declined.
Mr. Han, for example, has a habit of not locking his bike until he has occasionally forgotten to lock his bike, and has been parked without problems.
Then he stopped at a busy strip near the station and the bike was stolen.
Mr. Wang, who has studied abroad for many years, told reporters that when he first arrived in Japan, he felt Japan was safe and the national quality was high.
"Then as the Japanese economy got worse and worse, people were impetuous and the bad things gradually increased."
Overseas education certification network
When they first arrived in Japan, Mr. Zheng said, the language was mostly weak.
At this time, the communication circle is not easy to expand and the access to information is limited.
He reminded students in Japan that the teacher is generally reliable.
BBS has the most information, but the content is spotty;
When making friends, you should judge whether the other person is trustworthy.
If you have doubts, try to turn to BBS, and then confirm the information to your teacher or friend.
Don't try to do something that looks tempting, because it is often risky and the language can be confusing or fraudulent.
In addition, Japan will have a large temperature difference in the morning and evening, and many other people, such as leisure and other people, will hang out at stations where there are more traffic.
Students should pay attention to their words and deeds so as not to cause unnecessary trouble. Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma

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