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Canada Kapton University Hotel and Tourism Management Diploma in Employment

Canada Kapton University Hotel and Tourism Management Diploma Diploma in Employment
The hotel manager, the hotel manager, the hotel manager, the center assistant manager, the catering manager, the hotel manager, the hotel purchasing manager, the travel agency manager, the travel agency assistant manager, the training manager, the accommodation service manager; Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
Service manager, travel service coordinator, travel consultant, travel planner
【Class A work】 hotel management school teachers.
Graduation can be obtained after the diploma of the following aspects of the knowledge and ability
1. With integrity, determination of character and dedication, responsible for the professional ethics and team spirit;
2. Have a good professional knowledge and self-learning ability, enterprising awareness of innovation;
3. Master the modern service concept, understand the development trend of modern service industry;
4. Familiar with the hotel lobby, room, catering, recreation and other departments of business knowledge;
5. Familiar with the principles, policies and regulations of China's hotel industry development;
6. With the hotel's lobby, room, catering, recreation, exhibition and other management and basic service capabilities;
7. Has a strong computer operation, writing, interpersonal communication skills and a certain degree of professional foreign language expression.
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Canada Kapton University Hotel and Tourism Management Professional paid internship
For most of the students in terms of, and in the country, if there is no local work experience, out of school after the employment has always been a very difficult step. The University of Cape Town has a 12-month paid internship, so that students have accumulated local work experience during school. With the experience of working in the local hotel, it is easier to cross the threshold of employment after graduation. Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
InterContinental Hotels Group is the world's largest hotel industry group, in the world has more than 10,000 hotels, we are familiar with the Crown Hotel, Holiday Inn are InterContinental Group's brand. The University of Cape Town Hotel Management is the only education institute in the InterContinental Group in Canada. The students can practice at InterContinental Hotels in Canada and complete the internationally recognized InterContinental Hotel Training Certificate after completing the internship.
The range of hotel management covers a wide range of star hotel management, international tourism business management, advanced restaurant management, and very fashionable golf course management, clubs, entertainment venues and casino management in recent years. With the experience of the Chinese working in North America, the new immigrants are easier to find work as a junior manager. The Ministry of the Ministry of foreign workers and more management of the management level is a certain requirement, but the language requirements are not too high; especially the management of this sector is more trivial, requiring careful and thoughtful, more suitable for the Chinese people, one It is not difficult to find a place to be a manager. With 1-2 years of experience, it is easy to find a manager of the opportunity. Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
Hotel management courses are also easy to learn. No matter what professional you have learned, as long as you have enough confidence in the relationship between the interpersonal relationships, it has been successful in half.

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