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Why are American college degrees worthless?

Some wonder, what happened to college costs?
Students across the country said tens of thousands of yuan had been spent, but were ultimately deemed worthless.
The idea is that getting a college degree has a ticket to a better career, but that's not the case. Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
ROM sarin Harris, 23 years old, in a profitable Chesapeake Virginia college finished a two-year criminal project, before? "she thought to get a college degree had a ticket to a better career, however, she took a few months after graduation to find criminal judicial work but have not get any interview, she had just paid off $22000 in student loan debt, she said, reading in the university class period, without any training courses she needed.
After more than a year of graduation, she finally found a low-paying job at Victoria's secret store.
She said she was considering college to improve her life with her son, but now she may not.
There are many such for-profit universities, such as Collins college, has been accused by predatory lending plan, recruit students, low-income students, and made a false exaggerated propaganda, employment right now, the college has been closed and is selling school, tens of thousands of graduates still owe school loans.
Johnson who graduated from the university of has a good reputation. Collins, he said, the school does not provide professional help for him, and said the criminal judicial procedure employment AnZhiLv will reach 75%, Collins student loan default rate reached 27%, lower than other community college student loans and the employment rate is high.
Collins is a for-profit college that fails to provide students with any good employment guidance, but rather false promises.
And for-profit colleges are expensive.
Eccles, a student from Georgia, and early in the Lincoln college, school spent half a year time to persuade him to sign up for training, and promised to provide high salary work in computer science, and now, he has been unemployed for more than a year. Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
When recruit students of computer science plan, the quality of education and employment assistance does not exist, like him, many people graduated with high honors, but did not learn anything valuable, he hopes the students and the teacher's help, but they don't.
Mr. Eccles says the school has accumulated more than $20,000 a year in debt. He has not been able to find a job in computer science and is homeless now, but he believes life will be better.
He says it's not the school's reputation that gives him the opportunity to be hired by multiple employers, but that they hire him to do jobs that don't require skills.
This week, President barack Obama said even to take measures, the for-profit colleges may lose their federal aid, but the student loans by more than 20% on average, education secretary arne Duncan said in a statement, and what's the result of too many students carrying debt.
Last month, two senators proposed that these worthless diplomas should be proposed to require the curriculum to be authorized before the school receives federal funds.Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma

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