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British students are most likely to have psychological problems

The most simple question of the British students is the question
A: in order to mom and dad to go abroad: many high school students are rely on mom and dad to resolution of their life, study abroad is in order to complete the wish mom and dad, results in a foreign country is down and out.
Methods: first of all, it is important to be clear about whether it is suitable for you to go abroad, not to be fully allowed to be a parent, and to be the master of your own life.
The study result is not good, the student that does not have good preparation abroad is best not to go abroad, otherwise is a kind of brutalization.
Part two: on the spur of the moment by hobby: going abroad student studying abroad don't have a clear policy, all by the spur of the moment, is pure with preferences and interests abroad, the policy of the completion of the lack of planning. Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
Method: liking should obey the work!
Choosing a major that requires caution, professionalism, or unprofessional expertise can make it difficult to work.
Three: self-management can be bad sight: some foreign students do not wash and cook, do not deal with interpersonal relationship, self-care ability is poor.
Once the situation is presented, they first make an overseas call and ask their parents for help.
Methods: parents should give their children an independent recognition of their children from an early age to create independent growth opportunities for their children.
Advocate for the child to use the brain, self-operation, handle the study abroad.
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Four: more than the rich and proud boast: among the children who study abroad, there are many descendants of the great jujia.
These children are well-heeled, and are fond of comparing and boasting of each other.
The way: advocate the family not to give too much pocket money after going abroad, let the child put the energy to study, the day pass.
5: the law knows a thin scene: many Chinese students are not satisfied with the foreign laws and regulations, and the laws and regulations are poorly understood.
If you don't have a safe drive, drive around and fight for other Chinese students.
Method: let the child know the law knowledge from a child, establish the law understanding.
Before going abroad, be able to participate in some training or related lectures, and know the standard of foreign laws beforehand.
6: the expression is not active, too low-profile: perhaps influenced by the traditional thought of our country, Chinese students are more introverted in foreign countries.
The class meeting always chooses the remote location, the teacher's lecture always has no doubt to ask, the classroom also will not be active to answer.
Method: the education environment of foreign countries is very wide open, the class should be active answer the teacher's question, say your idea, even if your answer is incorrect perhaps with the teacher attack argument.
Don't let go of any opportunity to think about it. Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
7: lack of courtesy: Chinese students are not very good at expressing their gratitude, and may not often use polite expressions.
Together they were warm, loving and talking in public.
The solution: the west seeks to be comfortable without disturbing others.
In fact, respecting others' self is to protect oneself.
8: the ability to make a difference: foreign education environment initiated training students to consider and hands-on skills.
Therefore, the request for self-study can be very high, which has caused many Chinese students to work hard to keep up with it.
Methods: the ability to think independently is important.
To study abroad, learn to check your own information, learn to judge by yourself, learn to practice in person, and learn to do your own work. Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma

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