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how to time difference in canada

A lot of international students just arrive in Canada not used to, the time difference is the first test your problem, how fast to the time difference?
Let's see!
Spend the night on the plane, avoiding the sunny side
You can sit by the window and have sunlight on you. You may have trouble falling asleep. You can control the light and temperature to regulate your body clock.
Like closing a mask or selecting a position that's not a window. Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
How to get jet lag?
Get on the plane and adjust your watch!
How to get jet lag?
If you travel more than three time zones, you'll have jet lag.
This means that if you fly from China to Japan and the Middle East, you won't be bothered by jet lag.
However, if you want to fly from China to Europe, the United States, Africa, South America, you may be affected by jet lag.
3. Use sunglasses to control exposure to overcome jet lag:
The latter stages of a long night flight should be wearing sunglasses, which can help overcome the jet lag.
How to get jet lag?
Sunglasses just help to adjust the human body biological clock method is a simple part, and is not a simple et et on board the plane to go, want to combine to the destination of the routine of people pick sunglasses.
Wear sunglasses, is, in fact, with the aid of sunglasses to imitate the destination alternation of day and night, the body from the psychological and physiological in and destination environment similar to the situation as soon as possible, have the effect of a ahead of time to adapt to.
4. Prepare for the environment!
If you're flying for more than a day or two, adjust your body to the new time zone by adjusting your three meals a day before the plane gets up. Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
How to get jet lag?
For example, let's say you're heading west from San Diego to Boston, and you'll need to eat one hour early in the first three days of takeoff.
What if we go back to Boston from San Diego?
To help you get home and get used to the environment, start eating for an hour a day for three days before you leave.
5. You need to be regular when you go to bed.
How to get jet lag?
During the first few days of the journey, you will deliberately adjust your body to the new routine. If you fly to the east, go to bed in advance and go to the west to stay up late.
Some friends take sleeping pills to help them sleep.
But keep in mind that sleeping pills may be effective against nighttime insomnia, but there's nothing you can do about daytime sleepiness and headaches and other side effects.
Therefore, if you are taking sleeping pills, do not last too many days.
6. Please find the right time to nap after arrival:
Psychologist Richard Wiseman suggests that between 1-2 p.m. in your new time zone is the best time to nap.
7. Also pay attention to food:
How to get jet lag?
Drink lots of water, drink less and coffee.
When you get to your destination, eat more protein for breakfast, which can help you stay awake. Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
Eating can help the body adapt to the new rhythm as soon as possible.

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