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Financial management is not the first choice, arts can also be successful, buy university diploma

You do not have to go to the United States to study abroad to choose a financial professional way out yo, art is also the same!
First, the advantages of art students:
1, a broad knowledge
     Judging from the educational situation in China, arts institutions are relatively conservative, and many hardware facilities are not able to keep up with the relatively scarce resources. Foreign art education and teachers in all aspects are more mature and perfect, and students also have access to a number of international activities, a broader platform.
2, independence
Art students generally study abroad on their own. Living in all aspects is relatively independent. They think independently and live independently. Many things are done independently. Independence and autonomy are less common in China than in their parents.
3, active thinking, innovative ability
Art itself is to create, art students classmates thought already very active, coupled with foreign education on the students' ability to innovate relatively high, art students to study innovative thinking is relatively strong. In particular, it is undeniable that creative students should design innovative thinking.
4, Eastern and Western elements of the combination of culture
For art students studying abroad, they have a certain understanding of traditional culture and inheritance, but also learned the essence of foreign literature and art, they can well combine the two, which led to their thinking or creativity is great Market, more and more Chinese factors in recent years, boarded the world stage, but also unique designers of all ages.
5, degree and professional advantages
In terms of academic degrees, study abroad is based on further studies. Therefore, according to the data of study on the art of GATE students, there are mainly masters (60%) and bachelors (30%) in the returned overseas students, while Ph.Ds account for 10%.
From a professional point of view, about 50% of overseas students specialize in economics, trade and management, followed by Humanities and Social Sciences (15%), Computer (10%), Biomedicine (10%), Art Media (5%) and Machinery and Construction , Environment and other science and engineering professionals.
Based on the above data, we can clearly see that the proportion of art media students is the smallest, that is to say, there are obvious advantages in terms of employment in comparison with students of ordinary categories at home and abroad. Moreover, the domestic media industry and the art industry are developing rapidly and comprehensively, with a large input in terms of creative talents. Let's take a look at the domestic employment of arts. Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
Second, the art of domestic employment situation:
The employment market information in recent years reflects that the talent market has continuously increased the demand for talents in environmental design, architectural design, industrial design, fashion design and graphic design. Due to the top-notch foreign art design schools, the shortage of domestic art, design and creative talent and the brand awareness of more brand-name enterprises advocating independent innovation, they are highly favored by returnees graduating with outstanding ideas in art design and innovation.
After studying, you can also stay in the country where you study abroad, work for art groups or related design industries, and develop your own art career. Because of having studied abroad, art students have a great advantage over art students in China in terms of professionalism, artistic philosophy and working methods. Therefore, many returned overseas students will choose to develop their own businesses and engage in business Music brokers, personal design studio open. Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
Third, domestic employment requirements for art students:
1, the demand for domestic art talent diversification
Because of the rapid development of cultural industries in recent years in China, art and cultural talents have some room for development. Most art students returned to China for development. The ratio of returning to overseas and abroad is roughly 8: 2. Returning students middle school art class is mainly to design companies, design institutes, arts and cultural management companies, painting studios or engaged in university art education; study music category is mainly to the performing arts groups, universities, arts broker culture company.
Talent market demand is more industrial design talent. As the market for industrial products relies heavily on industrial design, companies nowadays pay more and more attention to product design issues in the automotive, mobile and computer markets. At present, many large foreign companies have a huge design agency, such as Japan's Toshiba has hundreds of industrial designers, Haier Group also hired more than a foreign industrial design experts. However, the current number of industrial design graduates in our country is limited.
In recent years, with the rise of creative industries, job seekers have provided a vast space for development. Currently, the proportion of employed people in the creative industries in Shanghai is less than one in 1,000, compared with 12% in New York, 14% in London and 15% in Tokyo. Information from the job market shows that the creative industries in Shanghai are in constant demand of designers such as environmental design, architectural design, fashion design and software design.Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
2, art students need to adjust the attitude of employment
Art study abroad is one of the biggest gains in study abroad. On the one hand, there is still a big gap between domestic and foreign art education. There is a century-old foreign art accumulation, a world-class master, a very good artistic environment, have the opportunity to participate in high-level world competitions. On the other hand, foreign students can gain a diploma which is more recognized by the world abroad. Therefore, going abroad to study for Master of Arts and PhD is also a channel for undergraduate art graduates to improve academic level. In contrast, domestic art students want to study Master difficult, because there must be foreign language requirements, there should be quota restrictions.Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma

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