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Frequently Asked Questions about Studying in the UK

University does not teach you what to learn, but teach you how to learn
Every year, tens of thousands of students go to study in the UK, embarking on exotic lands with the aim of enhancing their gold plating. But in the UK, are you really clear about learning this?
Q: What is the most obvious difference between English universities and China?Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
A: Generally speaking, a university in the United Kingdom will not have as many courses as a Chinese university course. You only have to study only major courses related to your major. If you study physics, you do not need to learn political music. So British universities generally do not have as many subjects as China. Relatively speaking, because of the curriculum is relatively small, so every kind of knowledge also learn more refined.
Many people think college is a very fast one this year, but in fact the school did not teach you what to learn, but taught you how to learn. So what the teacher is saying is just getting you into the door but doing it or in your own personal situation, you should always do some research on your own to do some reading and self-study.
Q: If you want to graduate smoothly, you have to ask for a university course. Based on your experience, what are the tips for selecting a university in the UK?
A: According to the students' own credits, the general English graduate programs range from 5-7. Some courses throughout the year, called the big class, and some courses run through a semester, is a small class. There are only three semesters in the UK. The last semester is basically a test and a thesis, so the first two semesters are considered as one-year course. Many schools 3/5 compulsory (big class), 2/5 is elective (small class). Normally, a small class runs through only one semester and will not run through the whole year like the big class. Therefore, when choosing a small class, you should be careful not to put the small class in a semester and it will be very tiring.
For example, we have 5 classes, 3 compulsory, 2 compulsory. Then in the election of two electives, if it is 7 to 2, this time to look at what is learned in the semester, which is in the next semester, you can separate the two semesters of two semesters, so your class Not too busy, because your 3 compulsory throughout the year.
Editor's Note: Every year, tens of thousands of students study in the UK, embarking on exotic lands with the aim of ascension. But in the UK, are you really clear about learning this?
Q: How to calculate the academic score in British universities? How to graduate smoothly?
A: Generally speaking, the teacher will lay out a small assignment, Assignment or Essay during the semester, make a test paper or write a small essay. Such a thing may not be a big part of your year's grade, and if the class has only two small assignments, each of which may make up 3% -10%, the remaining 80% may also depend on At last.
The Graduate Diploma in the UK is broadly divided into two parts: Written Exam and Dissertation. Written Exam is a graduation exam, like China, finished a class, to take the exam; Dissertation is a graduation thesis or graduation project. Generally want to graduate, must pass both Written Exam and Dissertation.
Of course, the requirements of each school are not exactly the same. There may be some schools written Written Exam scores but only a little difference, the school will give you the opportunity to pass or make a test, but the Dissertation is generally an indispensable must-have option.
In addition, some liberal arts professions may not pass exams throughout the year, but each course will be arranged N small essays, students do not have the exam, the essay can be modified to meet their own satisfaction before the psychological pressure is small, but in fact More tired.
For example, when I was studying economics in Cambridge, Written Exam and Dissertation had to pay. But next I was studying Finance girl at Judge Business School, she did not have any exams, all papers, a few essays in each course, the last big essay.
So after a school, first find out what part of your graduation, what you need to take the exam, what kind of article to write or what kind of Assignment, and sometimes even after the completion of Written Exam, you can know yourself Are you qualified to write a thesis? Students are advised to know in advance course subjects, how to choose courses and Assignment, etc.
Studying in the library is a daily routine for most international students
Q: How to take a test at a British university? How to get a high score?
A: In my personal experience, the general exam is about 3 hours, the teacher's questions will be divided into A, B, C or even Section D, each Section is how many election to do. Although the problem looks great, but do not panic, in fact, time is enough.
First of all, you have to figure out what you can bring in and what you can not bring in. Second, take a look at each Section exam, choose their own most sure to do Section. I also suggest that you plan your time, which questions should be done first and which ones should be done later. Do not sometimes finish A, B, C, but D has not done it, time is up and many students do not finish the question because of this . Because the English exam is based on the steps of scoring, so try to put what you know are up, most likely a question is divided into four steps, you have done the first three steps to give you the first three steps of the score, it is still more humane.
The UK graduate exam is a 50-point pass, 10 points less than China's, and it sounds easier than China. Take 50 points and the difficulty of large, but from 50 to 60 points, from 60 to 65 points, that is a qualitative leap, especially in post-graduate stage, want to take a high score may not be so easy. If you want to get a high score, you usually have to accumulate more, do not embrace.
Q: If you have any questions during your study, what should your teacher do?
A: In Britain, it may not be as casual as China and it can go directly to the teacher's office. The teacher may not know you. The teacher does not work all day, and some teachers only take two days a week, most of the time he may not be there. Normal teachers will be posted on the door of a List, indicating their day in school, for example, Tuesday, Wednesday afternoon free. Sometimes, however, the teacher will not let go of his own schedule, so if he has to give homework or ask questions, he must first write an email to the teacher and go to Book Appointment. Here are some basic etiquette questions. Of course, I also specially remind students who have just gone to England, do not give gifts to teachers, do not bribe teachers (laughs).
Q: Is there any designated textbook in English university? Should not the textbook be bought?
A: Unlike the Chinese form, Britain does not have a textbook. Maybe this year is this textbook. After a few years, it changed. Even different teachers have different choices of textbooks, so no textbooks have been appointed.Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
Many students studying in the UK are not likely to buy new books because of the problems of intellectual property protection, so the new books are particularly expensive. When I was in the UK more than a decade ago, I was shocked when I bought a book, accounting for more than 200 pounds and buying the cheapest book for more than 30 pounds.
In Britain, books are more expensive than in China, so often the teacher encourages you to make photocopies. During class, many teachers will tell you which chapter he is talking about, and then we go to the library to borrow a copy of the book, copying a lot cheaper.
Some students will also buy used books. Each year, students who have graduated or are about to graduate will post their own book sales information on the Notice Board in the department building, and students will be able to get in touch with sellers and buy cheap second-hand books through online information.
From the basic necessities of life to live independently
It is not an easy process to study alone in a foreign country. Of course, this is not as difficult as everyone imagined.
Q: In addition to learning related issues, I would also like to invite you and our students to share the British life. First of all, what do we need to do before going abroad?
A: First of all, we get your own signature, you need to carefully check the information is accurate. If you have any questions, you need to contact the embassy to amend. If there is no problem, you can book the flight according to your own schedule. Each airline has different requirements for carrying the weight of luggage, and everyone can decide what to bring with them. In addition, most of the daily necessities are available in the UK, so it is not necessary to take a long distance from China to the past, and it is also very convenient to buy in the UK. If necessary, can carry some necessities, or their usual necessary drugs and school supplies.
In addition, tuition fees and living expenses can be made into a British draft or wire transfer to the United Kingdom. Do not carry a lot of cash when leaving the country, the amount of cash carried in general should not exceed 5,000 US dollars equivalent pounds. In addition, passport, CAS, medical certificate, BRP card, photos, economic materials, diplomas and other diplomas academic materials, pick up information and accommodation information material to carry.
Q: When I arrived in the UK, did students have any matters requiring attention and formalities?
A: Students are required to bring a passport, a signed visa and a letter of BRP card to a designated post office for a BRP card (a certificate of the student's staying UK status) within 10 days of arrival in the UK. Then carry the relevant academic materials to the school to register for enrollment and apply for all relevant documents. To the British seven working days, to the local police registration, the cost is about 34 pounds. Then you can go to the bank account, for telephone cards and traffic cards.
Q: Many students want to know that Britain is really as expensive as it is legendary. Is it an average family that can not afford it?
A: I have lived and studied in the UK for many years. In fact, living expenses are not expensive. Students in the United Kingdom a year all the costs, including tuition, food and clothing live, an average of about 220,000 yuan a year or so, some cities are cheaper, London is more expensive. Moreover, it is worth mentioning that it is still very convenient for students as students to enjoy student benefits in many aspects of basic necessities of life. In the diet, we do not need to worry too much.Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
British supermarkets are very convenient, you can buy all kinds of food in the supermarket, and now there are many Chinese supermarkets can buy all kinds of Chinese food. Whether you choose to live in a school dormitory or rent a house outside, you can cook for yourself. If you can not cook classmates, you can also eat in the school cafeteria, the price is also very reasonable. Just do not have high expectations of food in the UK, not too tasty, typical dark cuisine. Desserts are good, everything.
Q: How did you spend your holidays while you were in Cambridge? Did you study at school?
A: There are three big holidays in the UK, Christmas, Easter, and summer vacation. I'm ashamed of basically returning to China. Now think about regret it, because many students will travel together during the holidays. You can play England, Scotland and Wales first. And travel to Europe is also very convenient. As a foreign student, we only need to provide simple application materials to obtain a Schengen visa.
From the United Kingdom by train can travel to various European countries, that is, not much security costs. Travel also allows everyone to enjoy the various local customs and practices, to increase their knowledge, but also to cultivate independent living and problem-solving skills. In general, we only learn about the holiday of Easter because the final exams will be taken after the start of the school.
Q: What should I do if my classmates get sick in the UK?
A: The National Health Service is the most proud public service in the United Kingdom that provides world-class health care to all its residents, including international students. Students to the UK after the report, you can go to the clinic for the record. Most future visits and treatments are free.
Graduation began to find a job, in fact, already late
After graduating, overseas students are faced with the problem of finding a job whether they are returning to their home country or not. However, it is not quite correct for many students to start their career planning soon after graduation.
Q: What ways can Chinese students find a job overseas?
A: After Christmas, many large enterprises will go to prestigious schools to do school maneuvers. Job information will be posted on the school's Career Center or Job Center. When the season what kind of school trick, or which companies will recruit which positions will be displayed on the Notice Board. At this time you can pass the Notice Board's official information on resume delivery, but also to wait for different institutions to school school trick.
Many students at this time began to submit resumes, and some through the mailbox, and some direct delivery site recruitment.
Q: I often hear a lot of returnees say that they missed the recruitment season after graduation and did not send resumes. Do you have any good suggestions?
A: Many Chinese students study abroad planning cycle is relatively short, students just go abroad without a sense of finding a job, get a diploma before starting to find a job, in fact, this is a relatively large errors.Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma

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