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What taboo foreign students have learned? buy university degree

Of course, you came to a strange country, there are certainly many things that need attention, which is what we often say taboo, what things can not be done in the United States? I believe you should also understand in advance, otherwise it is time to break the laws and regulations do not know o (╯ □ ╰) o
1, do not be too close and same-sex
At home, relations between good girlfriends may be very close, which seems to us normal to the United States is likely to be considered by others as homosexuals, in particular, can not dance together.
2, do not take off your shoes in front of others
In the United States, if you take off your shoes or barefoot in front of others, you will be treated as a savage etiquette. Only in the bedroom, or between the love of men and women, to take off your shoes. Whether men and women pull down socks in front of others, pulling garter is impolite. Shoelace loose, should go to no place tied (⊙ o ⊙) ... Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
3, "sweet mouth" also points to see the object
The Chinese people are quick to advocate "doing good things with their mouths," but in the United States where the regulations on sexual harassment in the workplace are extremely strict, there have also been cases where Chinese were "too sweet" and resorted to misfortune. A Chinese immigrant who has been accustomed to using "beauty", "crush" and "girls" to call female colleagues has been reported to have sexually harassed
4, do not hang underwear outdoors
Two years ago, there were Chinese who were drying their panties on balconies and were knocked by their neighbors to ask if they had sex services. Even local police officers "suspected they might engage in pornographic activities." Therefore, we should pay attention to ...
5, do not call black "Negro"
Negro is the English meaning of "black". Especially blacks trafficked from Africa to the United States. Therefore, in the United States, you should never call blacks "Negro." Otherwise, blacks will feel your contempt for him. It is best to use the word "Black," and the Negro would accept it frankly.
6, do not take a strange English name
These English names look strange to foreigners, do you know? For example, Cherry (hymen), Jolly Wang (happy little brother), Tory (Conservatives) ... ... give yourself the English name, the best and more verified Look for more advice from American friends to avoid jokes. Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
7, walk in front of others do not stay too long, do not spy on neighbors
Mr. Cai and his wife, who live in the upscale district of Arcadia in the United States, like to take "a hundred steps after dinner". They particularly like to take a walk in front of a beautiful house. This behavior may be beyond reproach in the country, but in the United States, but it caused the anxiety of white neighborhood neighbors, and ultimately worried about their misconduct and choose the alarm ... ...
8, driving a traffic police do not act rashly, to follow instructions
When the police asked for parking, the driver in China usually proactively presented his / her documents. However, in the United States, digging out documents immediately from his pocket would be considered as a gunshot gun. Only when his hands are in conspicuous position and in accordance with police instructions will it not Cause misunderstanding.Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
9, peeping others privacy
In China, the definition and maintenance of privacy does not seem to be very strict. For example, the company recruits employees, allowing candidates to provide identification number, age, medical history, marital status, birthdays, criminal records and so on. In North America, these are personal secrets, and it is against the law for a company to make it available to applicants.
10, discrimination fat or disabled
In the United States, if you call someone fat, you are likely to get into lawsuits and be accused of "discrimination". Many television programs in the United States are stupid, sarcastic, and ridiculed every day, but even big presenters do not dare to take the following types of people: fat men, disabled men, black men and women. Experienced all know, even if no matter how ridiculed Trump all right, but if you ridiculed these people, tomorrow is likely to roll up the cover to go home!
To summarize for everyone so much, I hope everyone can have a clear understanding of the United States to study and master, I believe after reading this big strategy, we are more or less will have a spectrum of heart, but also be able to better respond . All in all, I still believe American Dream is a beautiful and broader field of vision, more powerful friends, better schools, more extensive opportunities and everything waits for you and waits for you When it comes forward, do not forget to bring the best strategy for you finishing big strategy Oh!Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma

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