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Study in the United States: How to Plan for Studying in the United States?

Different from the domestic high school education system, the U.S. high school is usually a four-year system divided into 9-12 grades, the 9th grade of the United States is equivalent to the third grade of China, and the 12th grade is equal to the third year of high school in China. This means that if you want to spend the full four years of high school life in the United States, you'll need to apply for ninth grade in the United States from the first day. As the number of applications from well-known American universities has risen year by year, the number of Chinese students studying in high schools in the United States has also been on the rise because overseas regiments have obvious application advantages over those Chinese students who have taken high school in China. Here's how to plan four years of high school students studying in the United States.
American High School offers a wealth of classes and extracurricular activities, and welcomes every freshman with an open mind. Students can take full advantage of this advantage, choose to participate in extracurricular activities according to their own preferences, and constantly improve their overall quality, including responsibility, self-confidence, independence, leadership and other aspects of training. Students must choose the basic course, when a subject is outstanding, you can choose to change classes. Based on the students' ideas, the teacher gives a reasonable plan, including how to choose courses, how to make full use of effective time to participate in community activities and enhance their own competitiveness. Experts say these are extremely important roles for applying to universities in the future.
By Year 10, students maintain a good GPA, which is the GPA of vital data we need to apply for college, and we are ready to begin applying for college. Students need to understand their own interests and strengths, to determine the future direction of the profession, if you have doubts, you can find the instructor to talk and let the teacher according to your own development plan reasonable organization of course arrangements. In addition, the experts stressed that if the school has the PSAT test, be sure to attend because the college matriculation exam and the "American" SAT in the calculation of the level of the equivalent, so to some extent, can reflect the students SAT level, and according to their own Advantages and disadvantages of targeted preparation. In addition, there are prerequisites in the United States. Students choose AP courses according to their own level and take the exams to lay the foundation for future college applications.
The 11th grade of American high school is a very crucial year because GPA is one of the important measures when applying to American universities. However, applying for a university is generally up to the first semester of students' grade 12, but the 12th grade did not come out yet , Admissions officers can only see 9, 10, 11 grade results. In other words, if Grades 9 and 10 are not satisfactory and Grades 11 and 9 are well promoted, this progress is a positive signal; on the other hand, even if the results of the previous two years are very good and the grade 11 is not satisfactory, Draw a flaw. On the other hand, preparation for other subject examinations, including the SAT of the United States, should also take part in excellent courses and AP exams offered by schools to increase the competitiveness of university applicants.
Year 12 is the busiest season. Students need to prepare extremely tedious and high-quality application materials while maintaining a good GPA score. They have to exhaust a great deal of effort in preparing materials from the early stages, writing letters and writing instruments later on, Completed, these materials are a review of the students themselves, but also rich precipitation for four years, each small detail to spend a lot of time and experience to complete. Enter the school selection link, the general application of 5-10 schools can, according to their own understanding and the teacher's suggestion to choose their own circumstances match the school, and with two schools as the end of protection. Experts advise that the application process, we must always remember the deadline for each school, especially some of the school early application date. Planning high school life in the United States is an important stepping stone to apply for a famous university in the United States. If four years of preparatory work are done abundantly, applying to a US elite school will naturally become a natural event.

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