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The top ten elite schools in California, the advantages of science and technology professional recommended!

California as the largest student in China, a state, not only rich in educational resources, and life is also very convenient. Today to give you finishing the top ten schools in California, the advantages of science and engineering, hoping to help everyone.
California Institute of Technology
Physics, engineering, chemistry, biology, astronomy, geology, economics and politics. In the field of biology, planetary science, geology is recognized as the nation's first, more than half of the students to study engineering.
(Caltech or CIT), located in the northeastern suburb of Los Angeles, California, Pasadena (Pasadena), is the world's leading private research university. The California Institute of Technology has a long history of world science and technology, and its dominant disciplines include basic science physics, chemistry and astronomy, etc., ranked 2015 World University Rankings of the World University (ARWU) 5, Chemical World No. 4, Basic Science Ranked fifth in the world, with the San Francisco Bay Area Stanford University, University of California at Berkeley tied for the US West Coast (Science and Technology) academic center.
California Institute of Technology is very small, the total number of students is only about 2,000 people, but the history has come out of the 35 Nobel Prize winner, is the world's highest award-winning Nobel Prize. Therefore, the California Institute of Technology is also recognized as one of the most typical elite universities.
University of California - Berkeley
Anthropology, chemistry, engineering, history, music, statistics and biology and other disciplines are the most powerful.
Referred to as Berkeley (Cal), located in the United States San Francisco Bay Area, Berkeley City, is the world famous public research university, renowned in the academic community, ranked 2016 usnews World University ranked third in the world, ARWU World University ranked third in the world.
Berkeley is the founding campus of the University of California and one of the freest and most inclusive universities in the United States. The "freedom of speech movement" launched by students in 1964 has had a profound impact on American society and changed generations of politics and morality the opinion of. Berkeley is one of the world's most important research centers, ARWU science ranked first in the world, engineering and computer science are ranked third in the world, humanities and social sciences have long ranked the world's top 5.
University of California - Los Angeles
Logic, plasma science, applied mathematics, finance, analytical science, microbiology, international business management, anthropology, art, chemistry, civil engineering.
A public research university in Los Angeles, California, is a premier university in the United States. UCLA is the cradle of professionals such as US commercial finance, high-tech industry, film art and so on. It provides 337 degrees in different disciplines and is one of the most extensive universities in the field of cutting-edge talents.
The University of California, Los Angeles, was founded in 1919 and is the third oldest campus in the University of California. In recent years, the University of California, Los Angeles, is second only to the University of California at Berkeley. UCLA pays on the top fifteen of the Times' global university rankings and ranks eighth in the 2016 USNews global university rankings.
University of Southern California
Accounting, Enterprise Management, Petroleum Engineering, Paleontology, International Business Management, Geophysics and Seismology, Computer Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Artificial Intelligence, Film and Television Institute No. 1, Communication Institute No. 4, School of Public Administration , The ninth of the Marshall School of Business.
Located in Los Angeles, California, United States, founded in 1880 by the Council, is the United States West Coast's oldest private research university, the world's leading institutions of higher learning. Is a member of the American Association of Universities (AAU), a member of the Pacific Rim Union.
School of Film Art, School of Music, School of Communication, School of Business, School of Public Policy, School of Medicine, School of Architecture, School of Engineering and Multimedia. In the 2015-2016 USNews US undergraduate ranked 23rd, 2015-2016 USNews World University ranked 44th, 2015 World University academic ranked 49th. Year by USNews as the most difficult to be admitted to one of the undergraduate college.
University of California, Davis
Agriculture is the first in the nation, benefiting from the various disciplines related to agriculture, and the ranking is also very high, such as food science, biology, biotechnology and environmental science. Art, humanities, engineering, social sciences, health science, law and management disciplines also have a good reputation.
A world-class research university in the western part of Sacramento, belonging to the prestigious University of California system. The school is one of the top universities in the Tier-1 (the highest level) of the nation's top universities. According to the US News and World Report 2015 (USNews & WorldReport), UCDavis ranks eighth in the US public universities, the United States ranked No. 38 in the United States. UCDavis is ranked 37th in the world rankings of the United States News and World Report World University Rankings in 2015, Rank 44 in the world of Thames Higher Education (2015) and 45th in the World Ranking Rankings by 2015.
UCDavis enjoys a wide reputation in a wide range of disciplines and is a premier research and education center for the world's environmental, linguistic, agricultural and economic sustainable development. The school has many well-known alumni in the world, China's biologist Zhang Qifa, economist Xu Xiaonian graduated from the school.
University of California - San Diego
Chemistry, Linguistics, Microbiology, Spanish, Physics, Biology, the most popular subjects include chemistry, language.
A prestigious public university in California. A university affiliated with the National First Level (Tier1), belonging to the University of California system, is located in the La Jolla community in San Diego, Southern California. Due to the beautiful environment, the climate is pleasant, the campus is located in the beach side, Newsweek UCSD as the nation's "most sexy" scientific research sites.
It is also the top of the "public ivy", has produced twenty Nobel Prize winners, is the United States important academic development. As a result, UCSD is $ 1.9 billion from the total amount of university research grants, ranking fifth in the nation. In the world rankings (ARWU, QS, Times), UCSD is one of the top 16 universities in the United States and is one of the three universities in the University of California. University of California, San Diego Ranked No. 17 in the 2016 US News and World Report (USNews).
University of California - Irvine
Organic Chemistry, Science, Science, Information Systems, Earth Sciences, Biology, Economics, Bioscience, Biology, Biology, Biology, Biology, Biology, Biology, Biology, Biology, social science.
Founded in 1965, one of the most powerful campuses of the University of California is one of the world's leading and most prestigious world-renowned research universities. The perfect location, excellent learning environment, and the large number of high-tech companies known as Orange County, Southern California, make the school the fastest growing campus in the University of California.
UCI in the best of the 100 schools in the history of less than 50 years of school ranked first in the nation, the world's seventh, both the large scientific research school teaching strength, but also a small atmosphere of the institutions of the University of California, although the school Time is short, but in the 2016 USNEWS ranking with the University of California, San Diego tied for 39th. And ranked No. 9 at the University of California at San Diego in the 2016 USNEWS public university rankings.
University of California Santa Barbara
About half of the professional and tied for the top 20 universities in the United States, including art disciplines, humanities, social sciences and science and technology. Top ten of the top professional are: biology, economics, psychology, political science, information, computer science, English, mechanical engineering, law and sociology, computer engineering.
Belonging to the University of California system, is the United States to research science-based, and academic prestige is very high research public university. As one of the public Ivy League schools, UCSB has a proud academic achievement and a beautiful campus environment, the campus on both sides of the sea and has a beautiful beach close to the Pacific, every year to attract countless world outstanding research scholars here For further studies and academic research.Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
UCSB is now one of the most important academic development hubs in the United States and around the world. It is one of the world's leading institutions of higher learning and one of the 61 prestigious universities of the American Association of American Universities.
University of California, Santa Cruz
To humanities and arts and social science, especially in environmental protection and biological research is famous. Cosmic physics, earth sciences, geophysics and seismology, geochemistry, comparative literature, computer science, bioscience, mathematics
The school is located in the San Francisco Bay area near the famous bay city of Santa Cruz, from the World Science and Technology Center Silicon Valley and the United States the tenth largest city of San Jose (SanJose) are only 40 minutes by car, to provide students with adequate employment opportunities.Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
Since its founding in 1965, the school has earned a reputation for excellence in its world-class education and outstanding scientific research. Many prestigious magazines will be the school's engineering doctoral degree as the first in the nation, the international financial professional global 7, Earth science professional world 18th. According to "American News and World Report", the University of California, Santa Cruz was named the United States National University doctoral institutions 29, its space science, physics and the top academic research in the field of linguistics has also attracted domestic attention.
University of San Diego
Biological engineering nation 2, psychology, the United States third, science teachers nationwide front.
Located in the city of San Diego, California, is a famous Roman Catholic University, under the Catholic Church, is one of the most beautiful campus in the United States. At present, the University of San Diego has more than 7,000 students, of which the proportion of international students is about 6%, from more than 70 countries around the world.
As a private university, the University of Santiago has an average of $ 11,000 per student per year. University of San Diego belongs to the West Coast Union, the campus is beautiful, architectural style for the 16th century Renaissance Spanish architecture, was "American News and World Report" included in the most beautiful university campus list. Due to the proximity of beaches and mountains, swimming, diving, aerialViewAerialView climbing and rock climbing activities are very popular. The school is located on a flat-top mountain overlooking SanDiegoBay and CommunityofLindaVista.
In addition, the University of San Diego provides students with plenty of opportunities for internships or jobs in Qualcomm, Ernst & Young, Motorola and other well-known companies. The above description of the California elite science and technology professional situation do not know for everyone there is no help?Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma

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