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Study abroad is bitter, study abroad which have not get diploma bitter
Study abroad is not easy to believe that people with experience of overseas study will have experience greatly, unfamiliar country, unfamiliar environment, strange life, adapt to this country, to adapt to the environment, to adapt to the language, many of them are not so easy to do.
Study abroad is hard to study abroad, study abroad also pay tuition every day.
It is difficult to pass the exam, the paper is continuous, it is difficult not to fail.
After failing, the most bitter still cannot get the graduation certificate, so say study abroad to study hard, study abroad which have not get the graduation card bitter.
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Study abroad without borders, which students, no matter you are in the same school, our alumni, I hope everyone can get along, don't because the country is different and should not be some contradictions, learn the bitter by boat, to study heart believe everyone is the same.
But even if you're in the same mood, you're going to have different results because of the differences.
Some people can graduate successfully, but some people will not graduate because of failing grades.
Some people can study their favorite major, while others have a headache for a major that they don't like.
The process is cruel, but I hope the result is good.
I hope all of you overseas students can get the diploma
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The same is to hold the heart of learning, and is for the future development better, we are your good partners

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