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The four most promising overseas study majors in the UK

Many of the students who went to study in Britain were struggling with their choice of majors. What major did they choose to study in the UK?
Did you select the more popular and advantageous major?
When it comes to dominant majors, maybe students don't know what they are.Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
1. Major in accounting in the UK -- a leading job in employment
Business has always been the first choice for international students, and it has been a popular major.
However, accounting majors are the hot traditional majors because of high employment rate and high salary.
Many of ACCA's members have access to KPMG, Deloitte, ernst & young and Pricewaterhouse Coopers, the world's big four accounting firms.
Go to Britain to study read accounting mainly has the following two reasons: the British accounting has long been a talent shortage, the reason is that most British people is not very sensitive to digital, boring, boring to their formidable digital calculation.
At the same time, even if the economy is weak, companies still have to be responsible for accounting, and the income is considerable, and the positions are mostly occupied by foreign employees.
In the UK, many Chinese students have found jobs related to accounting.
By a British university principal said that even if all the Chinese students studying in the UK now learn accounting, their job after graduation is guaranteed, because the British accounting gap remains large.
Ii. Major in tourism and hotel management in Britain -- new sunshine in the workplace
For Chinese students, hotel management class work low entry barriers, but the future is relatively easy to obtain employment, obtain a work visa is higher, and even can be realized through technology points-based immigration immigration.
Some British college of hotel management professional, after graduation, the students also one year paid internship opportunities for students, to help students gain valuable work experience overseas, so as to enhance its home employment competitiveness.
After the Olympic Games, China hotel industry booming development, in view of the fact that a lot of foreign hotel high-level are foreigners, so from home employment, graduates in China with overseas working experiences in hotel development space will be bigger, better prospects.
Studying abroad is undoubtedly an effective way to become an international hotel talent.Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
Third, the UK study engineering major - new policy brings new hope
Starting from 2005, only international students with a certain degree of professional secondary honours degree or above in higher education institutions in the UK can stay for 12 months and apply for a job after graduation.
All majors allow international students to stay in Britain for up to two years to find work after graduation.
British very thirst for engineering talents, it both for Chinese students study bachelor or master of engineering courses (including mechanical engineering, civil engineering, computer software and hardware development, basic mathematics, etc.) will have a great chance to find a job.
Iv. Study of electronic engineering in the UK - new situation of technical update
British university electronic professional reputation on the international is very prominent, in microelectronics design, signal processing, microwave communications, optical communications, and other fields has a leading position in the world, the university of Southampton, imperial, at the university of Bristol, university of Edinburgh, the university of Sheffield and queen's university in Belfast, etc, but also a world-class universities.
These elite universities can vigorously develop such emerging disciplines as electronic engineering, thanks mainly to the development of The Times and strong government support.
Many of the world's leading universities maintain partnerships and swap agreements, and many British universities have close links with businesses and businesses in the UK.
In particular, telecommunications giants such as vodafone, O2, t-mobile and Orange have led the industry, especially in the world of data communication technology and Mobile communications technology.
With the speeding up of the technology upgrading, at the same time, increasing demand for talent market, and the 3 g has been launched in the UK in 2004 and popularization, again confirm the communication and other high-end technology is a world leader.
In 2009, China also launched a 3G network, and as the country's superpower joins the battle for communications talent, people in the industry will become more popular.Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma

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