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How about the administration of Windsor university?

Foreign studies abroad diploma, choose administration management major, still should determine the proper school.
Canada Windsor university diploma certification of the administration of professional teaching strength, specific requirements for admission requirements?
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Colleges and universities to introduce
The university of Windsor, located in Windsor, Ontario, Canada, has been one of the top ten comprehensive universities in Canada since it began its quest for high quality education in 1857.
The education administration master of Windsor university has 16 months (four semesters), which is intensive and reasonable, and meets the learning needs of international students.
The curriculum
Canada administration master's course mainly includes: the administrative education theory, the international comprehensive education, education research and education statistics and the way of education research, education policy analysis, course theory foundation and development, organizational behavior in education institutions, education implementation and change regulation, education process and the final project research, etc.
Entrance requirements
1. Graduated from the bachelor's degree in the university with a bachelor's degree from the university of Windsor, which is recognized by the university of Windsor.
2. The language requirement is: toefl 92 or above or ielts 7.0, the school offers double admission.
3. More than one year relevant working experience in education.
The average college test scores are above 75.
The university of Windsor has a master's degree in administration, and the number of international students is limited, and students who are interested in applying to Canada should apply in advance. Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma

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