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What about the university of Chicago?

Chinese name: university of Chicago foreign diploma processing, certificate of graduation certificate, acting as an American university diploma, overseas qualifications certification
English: The University of Chicago
Short for: big cheese
Country: United States
Establishment time: 1891
Admission time: autumn, spring
Location: Illinois
School nature: public university
The University of Chikago, one of the most prestigious private universities in the United States, was founded in 1890 by oil baron Rockefeller and opened in 1892.
Lake Michigan, in Chicago, Illinois.
The university of Chicago was formerly known as a church school founded by the American Baptist church.
The school, with the same name as the university of Chicago, failed in 1886 due to financial problems.
In 1890, after a generous donation from oil baron Rockefeller, the university of Chicago returned to life.
The donation has also been called "the wisest investment" by Rockefeller.
The campus covers about 200 acres and its gothic architecture is ancient.
The "Chicago plan", which is designed to prevent over-specialization in academic and vocational courses, has had a huge impact on undergraduate education programmes at other universities.Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
The original college at the university of Chicago was: business school (1898), law school (1902), and Oriental institute.
Campus introduction
Chicago midway through the Park at the university of Chicago university's main campus is located in the south of Chicago's Hyde Park (Hyde Park) and Woodlawn (Woodlawn) blocks, Jackson Park (Park) Jackson in the east, west near Washington Park (Washington Park), 11 km away from downtown Chicago.
In 1893, Midway Plaisance, which was built for the Chicago world expo, divided the campus into north and south.
Strength scale
The university of Chicago is located in the beautiful lake Michigan lake in the north of the United States. 190 buildings lie on 203 acres of beautiful campus, making it a unique campus scene.
The university of Chicago now has 10,555 students, with 3,756 undergraduates and more than 1,200 full-time faculty members engaged in teaching and research.
School has dozens of professional disciplines, and more than half of them can be granted a master's, doctorate, in particular, the school of anthropology, earth science, economics, geography, history, linguistics, statistics, sociology and other disciplines in the corresponding areas of the American university ranking in the top 10, with strong academic power.Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma

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