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What are the issues that should be paid attention to?

First, the first key to the toefl test is to have a strong vocabulary.
First of all, we know that the new toefl has a significantly higher trend than the old toefl.
The past old toefl read only 350 words each, increased to 700 words each new toefl, the study is still the key vocabulary, vocabulary should be in proportion of all reading topic about a quarter of the, if we have a word in this great breakthrough, it will be very helpful for the new toefl test, the new reading lowest standard also requires that we have about 8000 vocabulary, the vocabulary of the students in the United States when reading a freshman learning is helpful, the classmates are watching the general, broad articles there won't be reading obstacles.
Second, pay attention to listening comprehension ability stronger (professional qualifications authentication to deal with, deal with to study the diploma, graduation certificate template, visa) for Chinese students, listening must be stronger, and be sure to super.
Is students in new Oriental school has many good grades students, we can see many students on the site of the high notes, in the future, we can also see a lot of students' scores and for future study in network with us will also have a lot of communication, in this respect we can put the experience of high-achieving students and everyone share once.
In the preparation process of these students, we found a characteristic that almost all the high score students, hearing must be very strong, why?
Because there are now four subjects in the toefl ibt, three of them mainly examine our ability to hear. The first piece is our listening part.
The second part, the oral English has 6 questions, the first, the second question does not take the hearing, the rest of the examination is listening, what is the oral examination?
Your listening and speaking skills, the ability to communicate in English in American universities or research institutions.
The third piece is also listening in writing, except for independent writing and a comprehensive essay, which requires us to read, listen, and finally write an article based on what we heard and read.
Therefore, almost all of my students have high scores in listening comprehension, and I also suggest that you should listen to a bit more when preparing for the exam.
Because now we students listening material to get much easier than in the past, each website has a lot of listening material download, you can also go to the United States of some of the university's website, or even the professor recording clips, lecture fragments are put up, and this is very beneficial for us, then we can to listen to VOA radio programs, etc.
VOA there is also some thing of note is also very good for us, and many other materials, such as I personally feel "explore" in English is very powerful for us a test material, because a lot of subjects are more like the new toefl, with listening and reading are more like toefl, which is better, so if your hearing weak examinee, I recommend hearing is at all costs to increase as soon as possible, so for us the toefl test is a very powerful.
Three, the ability of taking notes is the key of the toefl study (study in professional qualifications authentication, diploma, graduation certificate template, visa) this ability is also one of the key to the successful test of the toefl.
Because recently we found that the new toefl and some secret inside, this is also our and our teacher in the teaching process in an active part in the process of new toefl also found an important secret - the new special concentrates on a student the ability of taking notes.
Why do you say that?
Because the hearing usually listen to a period of 5, 6 minutes passed, heard no topic, in the process of finish this in a few minutes to let you go to answer your questions, in the process of listening to a lot of notes, and then according to your notes to answer this question, you answered very professional.
Oral English is also the same, and oral English is especially important for your ability to take notes, because the three, four, five and six problems of spoken English need to take notes.
3, 4, 5, 6, request that we integrated the content of the listening, reading to oral answer this question, namely read heard together, no matter to reading or listening material, we need to the ability of taking notes is very, very strong.Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
Included in the writing of the same, the composition part of the integrated writing, asked us to read an article, listen to and then write an article, therefore, if notes to remember good words, is very helpful for writing.
So we find, in fact, to conquer the new toefl is the key to better listening, vocabulary, and quickly improve your ability to take notes, do this, the new toefl score is actually, there are road.
Listening when the teacher asked the students in the test, first put your draft paper is divided into chunks, this section is only a problem, this problem again, can divide a few pieces such as the theme of this article is a little below, two small points, three points, each point how to remember, all is clear.
In fact, taking notes in actual listening and speaking tests has a special template, which is especially useful for us.
And take notes when there are a lot of tips, such as there are a lot of symbolic representation one English word, for instance we say that an arrow, the arrow up the said things development better, down just is not very good, a fork out.
Market if we remember the word is very effort, if written MKT is very, very simple, some words may just write a letter, so I suggest that we must form the good habit of making notes before exam, and quickly form a set of suitable for their own method for taking notes.
Meanwhile, the ability to take notes is also necessary for students to study abroad.Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
Because there are many new Oriental teacher returned from abroad, in the process of talk to the teachers, we found that the ability of taking notes is not only the toefl test is a very important ability, is also necessary to succeed in the American university's survival ability, why?
Because most of Chinese students to the United States, after the first three months is a difficult adjustment period, can not say too much, write also don't understand, listen to professor still don't understand, so many Chinese students took a small voice recorder, professor, he recorded, go back to listen to, very painful adjustment period of three months.
We have A teacher is to teach oral English teacher, graduated from the university of Berkeley, at the time of reading, they have A class is divided into many study groups, such as A group of four, and the first person in charge of A professor's notes, there was another man who is responsible for other professor's notes, this is hard to remember A person, other people is auxiliary, until the final exam, we together the notes together, and then put these notes compiled A, one person one, so can't high marks, but at least can guarantee to pass the exam won't be A problem, but high marks an extra effort.
This means that the ability of music notes for survival in the university classroom is very critical, if you grasp the skills, this to our university in the United States, whether you graduate or undergraduate education, going abroad for your success will be very helpful, so my personal feeling, the third key to the success of the new is how to take notes to remember better.
Finally die test VS TPO (professional qualifications authentication to deal with, deal with to study the diploma, graduation certificate template, visa) is the fourth test must do die, because listening, speaking, reading and writing components of improve everyone there would be no problem as long as there is a reasonable planning.
And test mode for toefl test scores is critical, so we are now almost all the overseas issued by authoritative test support materials were introduced, delta press, longman, baron of the teaching material, there are some other press materials all introduced in, we can use these books do a lot of model test.Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma

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