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Buy Master degree in master's degree in Malaysian century university

Malaysian Century University Diploma SEGI, the Sysmatic Education Group International, was founded in 1977 and the first Systematic College is located in the center of Kuala Lumpur to provide professional qualifications.
In 2007, Century Group spent RMB 3,100 million to build the flagship campus of Century University, the KD School of Malaysia Century University. The flagship campus opened a new milestone in Century University. The 60-mu campus is located in Kuala Lumpur Playing white sand.
In 2008, the century received the certificate issued by the Malaysian Ministry of Higher Education MQA, upgraded to university. Upgraded from college to university is a qualitative improvement, and his basic requirements are the size of the school, the breadth of the course, the number of students, the number of teachers, the number of teachers in the master, the number of doctors and so on. At this point, the century can provide their own undergraduate and master's degree, to provide students with more choice.
In 2010, the University of the United States authorized in China (Jinan) to set up official offices, is mainly responsible for the University of Century School and the Chinese institutions of cooperation in school work. Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
  Professional Courses
Intensive English courses (ranging from 1 to 6 months for international students);
Basic courses: Business Foundation, Science Foundation, Information Technology Foundation, A-Levels;
Business and Marketing Management, Business and Human Resource Management, Accounting and Financial Management, Administration, Human Resources, Business and Marketing Management, Business and Human Resource Management, Accounting and Financial Management, Accounting and Finance, Accounting, Business Management, Business Administration, Marketing Resources management, civil engineering, building management, environmental protection technology, chemical engineering, electrical and electronic, mechanical engineering, information systems management, computer, multimedia, psychology, mass communication, finance, international business, international tourism and hotel management, early childhood education ;
Master and PhD Program: Chemical Engineering, Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Pedagogy, Global Business, Integrated Management, Enterprise Management, Business Administration, etc.
   In 1978, System Group began its first college in Kuala Lumpur. Over the next 30 years, the system group continued to expand its scale to seven universities and colleges. In 2002, System Group was renamed Century Group (SEG International Bhd). After 30 years of development, Century Group has trained more than 20,000 graduates, offering more than 100 courses, more than 300 students received first-class honors degree, there are currently 220 full-time teachers. The company has traded on the stock exchange on the Malaysian Stock Exchange.
In 1977, the first group of Systems Group, Kuala Lumpur School of Systems was established, and quickly became the leader of private education in Malaysia.
In September 2007, the Kota Kinabalu campus was officially completed by the Century Group, which was built by the System Group. The KD campus is located in the Kota Kinabalu area of ​​Selangor, 25 km from the Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Conducive to meditation study. The new campus design unique, the concept taken from the colonial period and the design of Rome, KD campus in 2010 was allowed to recruit Chinese students, awarded a double diploma. Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
School characteristics
1, the degree received by the Ministry of Education Service Center certification, the Chinese Ministry of Education approved, students in the Chinese Ministry of Education outside the regulatory network query the school qualification, 2003 Kuala Lumpur campus (mother school Kuala Lumpur Century College) and 2010 KD campus (Kota Baisha Luo century University) has been included in the Chinese Ministry of Education recommended Chinese students to study the list of foreign universities.
2, the shortest study abroad: Malaysia Century University Group, the school district using credit transfer
Way, will be the first half of the four credits of the course directly reflected in the transcripts, returned to the Ministry of Education by default all courses are studying in Malaysia, save time in foreign study.
3, through the high rate: the assessment will be integrated performance of the usual, the use of homework examinations in the form of assessment. Graduation thesis half a month before the time for students to write, do not participate in the defense, approved by the hospital, to be graduated.
4, low entry threshold: Malaysia Century University Group campus needs 5.5 points IELTS score or no IELTS results.
5, the lowest cost: in the Malaysian Century University Group campus study, the total cost of 60,000 yuan / year, working-class families can afford. Malaysia is the lowest in English learning countries.
6, relations with China:
2010 Century University set up a head office in Shandong University
  Faculty settings
  In addition to the curriculum of the century itself, the University of Kuala Lumpur, the capital of the University of the Century, has also cooperated with a number of foreign universities: the British University of Aberdeen Dundee, the University of Sunderland, the University of Greenwich, the University of East London , The University of East Germany, Australia South Queensland University, the University of Sheffield, the United States on the University of Iowa, the United Kingdom "Monterey" center
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