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American University Electrical Engineering, buy USA degree

Communication and network
Foreign Master Diploma Future Employment Prospects: Employment prospects are very good, can be in the telecommunications sector, telecommunications equipment manufacturing industry to find work. Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
Admission difficulty analysis: popular professional, more competitive, although TA, RA position is more must become the focus of competition, need to have a certain background and strength. G / T results, GPA results, it is best to have the relevant research and development background.
Sub - direction: Networking Research Network Research, Optical Communications
Representative school: Columbia, NYU and so on
2. Signal processing
Future employment prospects: employment prospects are more extensive, because the direction of the various branches are very strong application, can be used in manufacturing, aerospace, medical, and military fields and so on.
Admission difficulty analysis: This direction for the applicant's research and practice experience more fancy, and G, T results will also be an important criterion for consideration, so if you want to apply for this direction and get a scholarship, it is necessary to consider strengthening this direction Of the research experience, so for the competitive scholarship will be more favorable.
Sub-direction: Multivariable Control Multivariable control, Simulation simulation
Representative school: UIUC, Maryland, MSU and so on
3. System control
Future employment prospects: too focus on the direction of the theory is not very good, consider the direction of civil / commercial applications. Can be engaged in chip development, electronic product research and development work, employment prospects, in the production of electronic products as the representative of the field of production has a broad employment space.
Admission difficulty analysis: enrollment is relatively large, but because of the possibility of getting full prize is not great, so students generally, so the competition is not very intense. Relatively speaking, G, T score is relatively fancy hardware indicators. Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
Sub-direction: Control Systems, Magnetic Resonance Systems, etc.
4. Electronics and integrated circuits
Future employment prospects: whether it is digital or analog integrated circuit design, circuit design are EE / ECE employment leading direction, after all, there are some large companies behind the support. Hardware replacement is inevitable, even if the economic situation is not good, the direction of employment in this direction is still good.
Admission difficulty analysis: This boat too many people, EE system set up circuit courses are always the most popular, partial theoretical research direction, the applicant will be less.
Sub-direction: RF IC Design RF integrated circuit design, Programmable Digital Camera programmable digital camera
Representative schools: UCLA, MIT and so on
5. electricity
The future employment prospects: this direction is very good job, GE, Siemens, Motorola, ABB, Philips, Anolog and many other large companies even in the current economic conditions, it is said to recruit people in this direction. This direction also studies the branch of renewable energy.
Admission difficulty analysis: get more AD, get RA / TA Chinese students rarely, mainly requires a certain basis for practitioners and application of practical experience.
Sub-direction: Semiconductor Interfaces & Defect Semiconductor Interface and Defects, Power Electronics, etc.
Representative School: Virginia T, U Wisconsin, UIUC
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