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Not out of the country want to go out, has wanted to come back abroad
To be integrated into the local community is easy, first language is a problem. Yes, the language can be learned, but the two sides of the culture is different, there are few topics can talk together.
Study hard to study hard, study abroad, how can I get no evidence of graduation
Overseas study is not easy, I believe that overseas study experience will be deeply experienced, strange country, unfamiliar environment, strange living circle, to adapt to this country, to adapt to this environment, to adapt to the language there, many are not so easy to do To the. Study abroad to study hard, study abroad but also pay tuition fees every day. Pay tuition fees also fills, examinations, papers one after another, do not want to worry about branches are difficult. Hanging after the most bitter or can not get a diploma, ah, so that study hard to study hard, how can I get to study hardships? Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
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