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How important is attendance to a Singapore visa, buy certificate

home to Singapore to study, know Singapore had new rules is attendance also summarized to the assessment standard of student visa Singapore, how important is it to attendance for student visa in Singapore?
In Singapore, students should pay attention to the attendance rate of their overseas students. However, they will be warned by the immigration authorities and even cancel the Singapore visa.
In our country some of the students in Singapore due to Singapore to study abroad is not accurate mastery New Deal canceled by the Singapore immigration hall student visa, the reason mainly is cancelled the visa did not reach the Singapore of the student visa policy about the attendance requirements.
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In recent years, Singapore has begun to implement a strict visa policy for international students. One of the key policies is to increase the attendance requirement to 90%.
The implementation of the new supervision jointly by immigration authorities and school students study in Singapore, such as students in attendance have not reached 90% and cannot provide convincing absence reason, will warn or cancel a visa by immigration authorities and be deported.
In addition, to provide the overall quality of students groups, the Singapore immigration hall will be whether the student's academic records as to give students an important reference to renew visa next year, with poor academic performance of students also face the risk of being Singapore immigration office to cancel a student visa.
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Through the above explanation, now students should know how important student attendance is for everyone?
Please treat your Singapore study carefully. Even if you want to keep your Singapore visa, you should be on time.
As an authoritarian country, Singapore since independence in 1965, despite the political system, unlike Britain, the United States countries, but on the economy and national education or inherits Britain and America, especially in the UK university diploma education system.
As a country with a knowledge-based economy, Singapore sees education as the key to shaping Singapore's future.
Singapore's bilingual education policy (English/Malay/Chinese), the bilingual policy and cultivating the innovation spirit education system can make the students get the ability of technology and in the increasingly competitive environment. Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
The advantage of Singaporean graduate students in the UK and us is that it is relatively easy to leave Singapore after graduation.
So in recent years, many students in the mainland have tried to apply for Singapore.
However, to study in Singapore, the application process, scholarship policy and project selection of Singapore are different from American graduate programs.
For example, in general, there is only one project in the United States, while Singapore is divided into two kinds, namely, the course-oriented and research-oriented, because of the project of British education and the same content.
For example, in the English test, some projects in Singapore are similar to those in the United States.
As a result, Singapore's graduate programs are particularly important when it comes to capturing Singapore's admission.
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