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Columbia University degree, Buy American degree

Columbia University in the City of New York. Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
Columbia University is a world famous private research university in New York's Manhattan, promulgated in 1754, according to Britain's king George ii of the king's charter and established, originally known as the king's college, in 1896 officially changed its name to Columbia University (1784-1896) for Columbia college and moved to the place of Morningside (Morningside Heights) campus, belong to the ivy league [1], is a founding member of the American university association.
Columbia is one of the five oldest universities in the United States, with 98 Nobel Prize winners, second in the world.
The campus also walked out of four U.S. presidents, Obama and Roosevelt, and 34 heads of state and government.
Columbia has the world's top law schools, business schools, medical schools, journalism schools, and its journalism school, the Pulitzer Prize, is the highest honor in the American press.
Columbia University is one of the most important research institutions in the United States, the first in North America to achieve the nuclear fission - the birthplace of the Manhattan project.
Columbia ranked no. 5 in the U.S. News & World Report's rankings of U.S. universities in 2017.Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
In 2017, Columbia ranked ARWU academic world university ranked eighth in the world [3], usnews world university rankings (US News) world. 9, 2017, the Wall Street journal/university rankings in the United States, The Times higher education "Columbia ranked third.
Shortly after its inception, Columbia University has been looking forward to the international development strategy of the college, especially the international student team.
As a result, it is closely linked to the development of education in modern China and has exerted a great influence on the development of education in China.
According to statistics, only half of the 20th century, is about more than 1000 Chinese students who study in college, he received a doctor degree in 1914 from the kuo ping-wen graduated from the college to become China's first education as the beginning, Dr To graduated from tradition and Zhu Qixian together, first in 1950 and was more than 45.
Most of the students who returned to China were later members of the political, cultural and educational circles in China, and became the founders and founders of many fields.
Many of the graduates in today still matter, such as traditional Chinese master hu shi, the people's educator tao xingzhi, the father of China's preschool education Chen Heqin, southeast university school principal ping-wen kuo, former pku President Chiang monlin, ma yinchu, chang po-ling, founder of nankai university and many other outstanding educator in modern China, and China's education has a long history, has a far-reaching influence on modern Chinese education.
The school belongs to the ivy league.
Manhattan is the center of New York City, where the most important business, finance and insurance institutions are located.
The world financial center -- Wall Street is located in lower Manhattan, while big business and business centers in New York are located in midtown Manhattan.Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma

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