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UK university diploma in fashion management

With the development of The Times, the trend of updates, more and more students look for in the area of the clothing, fashion, as the British fashion, widely popular with many high-end fashion brands such as BURBERRY, PAUL SMITH, DUNHILL, LEE COOPER, one of the world's four big fashion event of London fashion week in alternative is famous for its costume design concept, the singular form on display. Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
As a result, Britain is one of the first places for students to study fashion and fashion.
However, there are many people who think that all the courses related to clothing need to have a design basis and background, so they can't apply.
But it's not.
For students who don't have a design background but want to get involved in clothing and Fashion, the majors of Fashion Management, Fashion Promotion or Fashion in English universities are perfect.
These professional contains a part of the British university art and design courses, and courses related to business operation, let the students come into contact with the latest fashion market, fashion, nature analysis, the fashion trade, supply chain, clothing management, transaction management and distribution based principle, fashion, fashion and brand promotion and sales, etc.
Generally speaking, clothing design is a need to have a thorough knowledge of the design basis, because most of the students after graduation can do fashion designer, so very strict to the requirement of design background, also is the need to provide when applying for the design work.
And there are a lot of the students must have a special liking to Fashion design background, these students may not have the professional design skills, but to the clothing, Fashion, brand Management, colour is tie-in, Fashion Promotion, apparel sales has a strong interest and talent, so he can continue to further study in this respect, Fashion Management, Fashion Promotion or Fashion Styling the professional background of the students can accept the design application, and a few schools can do not require students to provide the related works.
These major is emerging, setting up such a professional school not many, the less the better ranked university open this emerging specialty, thus to open these professional schools the comprehensive ranking is not high, but the university is professional in this respect, the reputation is good.
University of Southampton
The university of Southampton has a world ranking of around 86 and a member of the Russell group.
About Winchester college of art, the institute attaches great importance to create inspired art learning atmosphere for students, training in art, fashion and textile art design, advertising design, media design, graphic design, clothing textiles repair management, art, practical management, first-class talents and the museum of science.
Professional Settings are popular with students, specializing in luxury brand management, fashion management, advertising design management, etc.
University of Southampton, provides strong support and rich resources, assist in Winchester college of art to provide the highest quality of teaching, further improve the level of its strong research, and strengthen the new technology and new construction of teaching facilities such as investing heavily in. Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
MA Fashion Management
The professional contains the history of fashion, fashion writing, the fashion industry, fashion retail and operations and so on various aspects, the goal is to teach students of the major fashion customization to mass production to the whole process of after-sales, career planning, including: fashion buying, style analysis, stock analysis and management, fashion supply chain management, development of fashion and brand value, etc.
The Design 2;
Research Skills;
The Final Project
Elective: contemporary problems;
Responsible Design 4 digital marketing communication;
Global marketing, digital culture, artistic language analysis.
The university of Leeds
Located in the city of Leeds, Leeds university was founded in 1831, the world's top universities, and the university of Manchester university and is called "red brick university", the British ivy league league "Russell group" founding member, the school school have produced six Nobel Prize winner and including John tolkien, Leslie cheung, many other famous alumni.
The university of Leeds is listed as one of the top 10 UK universities for top corporate employers.
The university of Leeds ranked 18th in the UK in the 2013/14qs world university rankings and 97 in the world.
The 2013-14 times higher education world university ranked 19th in the UK and 139 in the world.
MA Textile Innovation and Branding
The professional design institute is a Leeds taught jointly with the school, the creation of the clothing brand is not simply a trademark, the major purpose is to cultivate students, in terms of brand, marketing, and global clothing retail innovation ability, analysis ability.
School of Design: Design of textile products;
Innovation and development;
Brand design and communication;
Textiles materials and technologies
Business School: marketing strategy;
Consumer behavior;
Marketing communication;
Media research;
International distribution channel strategy
IELTS 6.5 with no band lower than, 6.0
Heriot-watt university
The university of heriwat is about 35 in the UK and has long been known for its art-related expertise.
The institute of textile and design offers a range of undergraduate and graduate programmes to provide a wide range of opportunities for students to learn about industry and business.
The institute has a long history of providing industry-relevant academic research at the top of the world and is closely linked to the top design industry in the world, providing students with opportunities to study abroad. Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
Fashion And Textiles Management MSc
Design environment;
Creative research;
Design management;
Fashion and textile art;
Design and textile outlook;
Fashion and textile practice;
Design management academic paper
IELTS of 6.5
Brunel university
The university of brunel was founded in 1966 and now has 13,000 students, of whom about 2,000 international students are from 113 countries.
Located on the western outskirts of London, the Oxbridge bridge is one of Britain's most ambitious and forward-looking universities.
The 2014 times education world university ranked 251-275.
Design and Branding Strategy MA
The aim of professional setting is to improve students' creative thinking and improve brand creation, prediction and management ability.
This major is accredited by the Institution of Engineering design UK Engineering design institute.
Graduates are mainly engaged in design or creative fields.
Phase One: brand design innovation;
Brand design management and marketing;
Brand strategy;
The design outlook
Phase Two: practice (industry, design, brand direction)
Phase Three: thesis (reference topic: brand and national identity;
Luxury brands;
Hotel spirit brand)
IELTS: 6 (min 5.5in all areas)
Coventry university
Coventry university UK is around 40, with fashion management in London.
International Fashion Management MBA - London Campus International Fashion Management (business administration) London Campus
Courses: advanced business practice, sustainable development strategy - from planning to implementation, leadership - in a changing world, financial success, funding and legislative framework, marketing globalization time, fashion purchasing and commodity management, trend prediction and forecasting fashion, fashion design and product development, project management, organization internship or consulting projects or papers. Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma

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