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The application of master diploma in applied linguistics of massey university in New Zealand is widely employed

Massey university, founded in 1927, is one of the largest a New Zealand education and research institutions, and New Zealand only a real national university, the world university games flame mills, governs the five college, school, academy of sciences, art institute, college of education and the humanities and social sciences.
Massey university in business, veterinary, agriculture, science, engineering, aviation and art academic research is extremely good, massey university in comprehensive academic research level in the top universities in the asia-pacific region. Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
Master's degree in applied linguistics at massey university
If your job is second language education, or English education
If you have a great interest in language teaching and learning
If you've ever taught a language or worked on it
If you're curious about how to learn a language or how to teach a language
So this is perfect for you -- master of applied linguistics at massey university
Course training course
Study in New Zealand 360 to study the expert teacher, master of applied linguistics course aims to cultivate the second language teaching, and the English is not as the first language in English teaching in countries in the field of professional talents. The professional cultivate talents in professional and research will have very good quality, and more and more recognition at home and abroad.
You can use what you learn to the theory and method to solve the existing problems about the language of real life, the master of applied linguistics course aims to teach how to master the language, and how to use language is more and more digital and international environment.
To explore the language teaching of the combination, through reflection and practice to increase language teaching and learning, and to meet the social and cultural needs of language teaching and learning. Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
Employment direction:
Applied linguistics of master degree graduates can be engaged in language teaching, research, and practice more language environment at home and abroad. For immigrants and refugees and before New Zealand international student class language environment to provide more support and help. After the graduation can become educators, consultants and other related industry practitioners.
Admission requirements:
1. Students must hold a bachelor's degree, and the grades in sophomore and junior years are at least B.
2 students have at least one year of relevant teaching experience (or equivalent)
Postgraduate diploma in second language teaching (PGD) or graduate diploma in applied linguistics (PGD)
3. Ielts requires a single item to be no less than 6 points
Note: the student to obtain the second language teaching of postgraduate diploma (PGD) or applied linguistics students admission to the postgraduate diploma (PGD), can be directly into the master's study, and the average grade B + of students can be admitted to study master of research study, the average grade B class the students will learn the teaching type of master's study.
Full-time students who have done well within one year of entering the school or who have achieved good grades within three years of their admission will be eligible for a master's degree program.
Other important information:
Credit: 180 total credits, 18 months of study, full-time study,
Opening time: only the second semester of each year (July)
Tuition: tuition of 27560 newcoins /120 credits depending on the course of elective courses
Location: north palmington - massey university
Course Settings:
Students can learn master's courses after obtaining a postgraduate diploma:
The average grade of the students' postgraduate courses is up to the b-level master's degree.
The average level of graduate programs in the first semester of the student's graduate program reached the B + level for the postgraduate program.
The first part (120 credits for the teaching type and 60 for the research type)
1. Second language learning principle and process/Second Lang Learn Theor Proces 30 credits
2 the contemporary language teaching methods/Contempry Approaches Lang Tchg 30 credits
3. Curriculum scenarios and curriculum design/Context Curric & Materls Desgn 30 credits
4 applied linguistics at present are faced with the problem the Current Issues Appl Linguistic 30 credits
Part ii
The first part of the paper is 60 credits for the 120 credits
6. The second part of the thesis is 60 credits or
70 credits for master's thesis.
Student story - Rebecca Cameron
I am increasingly thinking that it is a great thing to make more theoretical and rational decisions based on practical and teaching experience in the classroom.
I now realize how much I should pay more on information assessment and comprehensive thinking, before this, I feel that I spent too much time on thinking, rather than for some enlightening or moments of inspiration thinking and reading in-depth analysis, the inspiration of these moments tend to appear in the middle of the night, can not make Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma

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