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How many certificates are required for college students' employment

How many certificates does college students need for employment?
The advantage of our college students' employment in now no, because as long as the basic is a doll, is a college student, the popularity of college students, college students employment difficulty also will increase, and some of the students think, I read the university, also to do this, face more, more and more high inadequate low not things, you can keep the employment data more ugly some,,, last month, guangzhou people's congress zhi-wei cao at media with a "people in (the) way (figure)", reflect the phenomenon of nationality registration, registration more difficult. Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
And in places such as hangzhou, college students are busy trying to get a good job because of the pressure of job competition.
There are more than 100 kinds of certificates for college students to register for the west land army
Textual research is most common in finance and economics.
Han yan, a graduate of the university of international business and economics (uibe), caught up with the "most difficult year in history", and her school is known for its high employment rate.
In addition to English four and six levels, everyone will generally choose to take an ielts, toefl, Cambridge business English BEC or toeic.
"It's not enough to get into a foreign company," she said.
In addition to English, the certificate of financial accounting profession is popular with students.
Banks from job seniority card, securities from job seniority card, CFA registered financial division, the financial risk analyst FRM, CPA and actuary qualification certificate for certified public accountants, etc., generally want to later in the financial industry, basic it will lose a few. Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
"The first two difficulties were not high, I was looking for a job to take the exam," han yan said.
According to incomplete statistics, college students can register for more than 100 kinds of certificates, which are classified into generic, dynamic and vocational qualifications.
Among them, English, computer is general type certificate, is university student "must textual research";
The certificate of energy quality is toefl, ielts, senior English certificate, national computer level certificate, etc.
Certificate of vocational qualification, including certified public accountant, logistics engineer qualification certificate, national judicial examination certificate, etc.
According to the famous hangzhou local BBS "19th floor" survey of the admitted students in several universities in zhejiang province, the textual research on the list the first five called English, computer and driving band 4 and band 6 certificate, putonghua level and accountant card.
"It's really useful when you're looking for a job."
Zhang yiran, a recent graduate of renmin university of China, described to reporters a "research bull" in the interview.
The student's major is not finance, but she not only took two professional qualifications of bank securities, but also passed the CPA examination.
"CPA has six exams, and even accounting majors can't get them before they graduate.
So during the interview, everyone thought she was great and the interviewer was very optimistic about her.
In the context of everyone's background, a few more CARDS are of course an advantage.
Textual research on the "research economy"
Some college students also said that the requirements for the study were different from the majors and schools.
For students who want to work across professional jobs, the certificate is high in gold content. They must also prepare and even report to the tutorial class for the certificate.
Dai students study for four years computer, shrugged off a friend a computer certificate: "if it is really to learn the computer, the diploma is the most useful certificate, didn't even need to take an examination of the computer grade card."
He wasn't very popular at zhejiang university research ethos: "science and engineering can take an examination of the certificate, but maybe because zhejiang university graduate employment is relatively easy, we didn't scramble to get card, but the basic test band 4 and band 6."
Financial professional zhang wenqing also said that the most urgent research is those who do not have a clear plan for the future.
If you don't rule out the possibility of entering the financial industry in the future, it's a plus.
Students who really know their direction will do research on projects related to their tutors, or do all kinds of internships.
Cross-professional textual research "fire" textual research economy.
In Beijing university bookstore, coaching books are always in the most prominent position, seventy percent of NPC future bookstore is exam reference book, in addition to the civil service exam, and financial examination review 'book is English. Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
English is the most popular newspaper.
The toefl test is difficult, and many people will attend classes in new Oriental or other.
First phase of the remedial class cost is controlled in 1600 yuan, the fu twice on the toefl class, said three of the first semester for the toefl test certificate, not the test fee, the class and only buy reference books, she spent more than four thousand.
"The posters of the various training institutions are plastered all over the dormitory building bulletin board, and everyone will sign up for a study."
She said.
University education is the main cause of social needs
Fu liqun, director of the institute of sociology of the hangzhou academy of social sciences, pointed out that the phenomenon of "textual research" and the employment situation of college students are becoming more and more serious, and some employers are concerned about the excessive requirements of certificates.
In the case of professional learning, it is not impossible for students to take the time to take the game, but not the certificate orientation.
She also pointed out that the university education's disconnection with society is also an important reason for "research fever".
Compared with the classroom knowledge, various professional certificates are more closely related to the actual work, so it is inevitable that the employer will find it easier to work with the students.
Han Yan said, take an examination of the four actuaries after the exam, she found that the school of mathematics education and their mathematical ability is insufficient, it is difficult to support her for actuaries qualification certificate, and it also means that she can't direct employment as an actuary.
"It's extremely difficult to learn from the rest," she lamented.
For this, fu said that college students are a mistake in the "certificate" path.
For the employer, the certificate is important, but the overall quality of the applicant is more important.
Colleges and universities need to advocate a healthy research value, which can encourage students to take an examination of professional study and employment, but only if students finish their studies.
Students can't use the certificate as a stepping stone for employment, making the certificate a form of formalism. Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma

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