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Fake degree employment and educational background are not directly proportional to academic qualifications

The employment statistics in some areas also show that "graduate students are inferior to undergraduates, and undergraduates are less than majors".
As of September 1, the employment rate of the 2010 graduate students in jilin province was 78 per cent, with 83 per cent of undergraduates and 5 percentage points below undergraduates.
The one-time employment rate of graduate students is down nearly 16% from the same period last year, and the decline is obvious.
Similar situations exist in sichuan, guangdong and other provinces.
In other words, there is a "upside down" phenomenon in college graduates' employment rate and educational background.
This issue deserves to be taken seriously!
In the opinion of the individual, the ratio of employment and educational background is not directly proportional to the degree of education
Generally speaking, graduate employment expectations are higher than that of undergraduate students;
Bachelor is higher than junior college.
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For both time and economy, graduate students are more likely than undergraduates and graduates to have higher expectations of jobs.
Graduate students want jobs with higher salaries, better pay and easier jobs.
Many graduate students will not consider the salary under 3000 yuan.
Most graduate students are clustered in resource-rich central cities rather than in remote areas where there is a lot of demand.
After all, however, it all depends on the employer's attitude!
Unit of choose and employ persons value is the graduate individual's true ability to learn, it is the ability of practical work.
Graduate students have more theoretical knowledge, but the practice level may not be as high as undergraduates and students.
For some companies with heavy experience, the practice shows that graduate students do not show their advantages, especially in science.
Social practice and practice are the litmus test for talents.
"Black cat, white cat, catch rat is good cat."
In the eyes of employers, graduate students are equal to undergraduates and even the majors.
Without the recognition of employers, there is no doubt that there is an awkward situation in graduate employment.
Also, many employers prefer undergraduates and even the majors because they feel that undergraduates and majors are easier to manage than graduate students.
As automobiles, machinery is a professional brand of jilin university, to the professional recruitment companies tend to goal was very clear - as long as undergraduates, authorities say very understand, "enterprise is more and more pinch pennies, undergraduate students is not only the cost is low, the plasticity is strong, and graduate students are mostly under pressure to buy a house marry and have children." Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
Undoubtedly, it is also a practical problem in graduate employment.
Objectively speaking, the "upside down" of educational background and employment rate cannot completely deny the overall level of graduate students.
On average, the overall quality of graduate students is higher than that of undergraduates and students.
The employment rate of graduate students is lower, and the actual working ability of graduate students is not higher than that of undergraduates and majors.
Enterprises and other employers, it is the graduates' actual working ability.
Social demand is an unselfish referee and a powerful lever.
The society and higher education are judged and adjusted and balanced.
If society ADAPTS to the needs of talent and education, then it will light up and form a green channel.
On the contrary, the red light is on, and the higher education is said "no"!
Now, the need for talents has been set up in some professional Settings of education, and the training goal, means and methods have turned red light and began to say "no"!
This ruthless reality should arouse the high vigilance and attention of all relevant departments. Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma

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