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A few years of college certification is about a diploma, buy university diploma

Soon, liu also get up, then we go to school get the diploma, left the hotel, this is my first time to live here, and the last time, many of these hotels in life, station along the way, you can only live one day, but the boss will stay here for a lifetime, waiting for a passing traveler, and then watch them leave, go to the distance of the unknown.
When I went to school, I managed to get a foreign diploma and I rubbed it. This is the proof of my three years of college, which is just a thin piece of paper, which carries a lifetime of memories.
The school was empty, and there was no one in sight for a long time. The familiar campus was the last time. Three years was spent here. The class was over.
Foreign diploma received, now have a perfect result, but tend to be process, the back, is looking for a job, begin to live the life of that kind of nine to five, then get married, buy a house, children and other miscellaneous collection. Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
Later have no matter to do, and liu eat breakfast, go to like on the network, Internet cafes opened only one air conditioner, is sultry, used to the Internet cafe, then crazy to play DNF, playing time can forget everything, even if it doesn't matter that this is a steamer, but now don't play games, surf the Internet just to spend the boring time, heat is uncomfortable, then a second Internet cafes, air conditioner, I sat down in the air-conditioning, comfortable many, next to a man in the play DNF, heard that open the class of 70, but has lost interest.
Turned on the computer, listening to several versions of "fairy tale", this song was popular in 2005, in all over the room, now see English version, Japanese version, the Korean version of this song is really a classic, the melody is simple and catchy, lyrics, popular, easy to spread, and listened, only wang dong hua they came back, we played two sets DOTA, I also for the first time and together they play against platform in the play, in the afternoon, they go to school get the diploma, I continue to do nothing at the bar, they left from beside me off the plane, around a piece of empty, some people walk tea cool feeling, I began to fantasy, if they all graduated from left, leaving the town, only I stay alone in the Internet cafe to play games, a session of the students are here, year after year, I am still in the Internet cafe playing games, never leave, that is a what kind of situation. Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma

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