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Canadian public and private schools are different buy university diplomas

Public schools:
1, Canada's public schools to ensure the education quality and level of students, and is of strong selectivity, choose a wide range, the proportion of Chinese students are few and far between, thus ensure the international students have a good language environment; Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
2. The majority of Canadian public high schools do not provide campus accommodation, and all international students need to stay in local families, thus creating a favorable environment for students to learn the language.
3. Public high school fees are relatively cheap, and the enrollment rate is high. Application procedures are not complicated.
Private schools:
1. The teaching level of private boarding secondary schools accredited by the ministry of education of Canada is also no less impressive;
Students are well protected, and access to different students from different countries can help students learn about different cultures.
2. Compared with public high schools, one of the advantages of private high schools is that they can live in the school apartment and have strict management.
Part 3, which has a private high school belongs to the noble private schools, most of this part of the middle school students are from local master or upper class, students with high quality, good quality, graduation rates close to 100%, the high school boys and girls' schools, tuition is much than public high school. Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma

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