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Knowledge makes America so powerful,buy college diploma

America really is a terrible country, both as a strategic competitor or partner just insulting their words of wisdom, fifty years, the gap in one hundred, not in a shortened, but constantly widening.
Because the average country does not have the levels and conditions to fight them.
Playing CARDS to see whether the opponent, money will depend on the fast-rising levels, play with such a rival, there is no this chance, because they are the rules of the game makers, can lose or buy a pacified, this will only lose the life. Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
It is not hard to find out from these decades of sino-american games and rivalry that everything is in the hands of the Yanks.
When the words "traitor" has become a harmonious and objects, you should know, our country is facing how to challenge and crisis, play or not play are belong to help themselves!
It is not without pessimism that it is in this situation.
It suddenly occurred to me that MAO zedong had said in 1935: "the idea of the great tuhao, the great evil gentry, the big warlords, the big bureaucrats, the big compacts, had been determined.
They used to, and still are, to say that revolution (whatever revolution) is worse than imperialism.
They formed a traitor stronghold, in front of them without any improper when fellow-countrymen refusing problems, they've removed the national boundaries, their interests with the interests of imperialism is inseparable...
The traitor camp is the enemy of the Chinese people.
Without this group of traitors...
It is impossible for imperialism to get to this field.
They are imperialist stooges."
Before you comment on the article, please understand the following questions.
1, the U.S. Federal Reserve referred to as the Fed's Federal Reserve System (hereinafter referred to as the Fed) equivalent of the U.S. central bank, the function is to formulate and implement monetary policy, providing financial services, safeguard the financial System, "the Federal" que nouns, but he was a private banker and large enterprise group organization, that is, purely private organizations, not controlled by the government.
All of the fed's top executives are heads of these groups, and then the us government "appoints" the chairmen from those heads.
What we call the dollar, each of which is from the fed, not the U.S. government, which has no right to issue money, only the right to issue Treasury bonds.
3. The circulation of the dollar was due to the U.S. government's "loan" to the federal reserve to let him circulate in the United States and the world as a currency, as a mortgage.
4, the people of the United States each year to pay personal income tax is the largest number of tax, and the money has not yet come into government coffers as the budget, but direct access to the fed's account, as the U.S. government use $" loan "of interest. Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma

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