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9 good habits that Japan needs to master,buy certificate

Studying abroad and forming good habits will help to adapt to foreign life better and faster.
Some students go abroad in a hurry. They don't know enough about themselves and don't form good habits. As in China, the results are difficult to adapt to foreign life.
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Here are some good habits that you should pay attention to in Japan. I hope you can help me.
A life habits - rent, Japan study abroad need to know to give the landlord extra money According to the Japanese custom, when stay in the dormitory, in addition to pay the rent, also must pay 1 to 2 months rent amount in cash (rent, as with the use of the cost of the interests of the house is given to the landlord of the one-time fee) and 1 to 2 months rent amount of margin (rent, the landlord the rent in advance and guarantee delays housing damage compensation fee, also called margin).
Plus one month's rent for real estate.
Second, Japanese students need to know about the habits of life -- many people don't blame the Japanese for saying "apologies" to a lot of things, and even some things that we do not seem to need to apologize for.
"For example, a Japanese man finds a wallet on the road and apologizes for not delivering it as early as he can when he gives his wallet back to the owner."
Three, Japan study needs to know the life habit - go out to take umbrella Japan is maritime climate, clear rain is uncertain, take an umbrella to have no problem.
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Because in Japan, most shops and even private houses have a basket with a long umbrella that can stand in the basket, and the folding umbrella can't be placed in the basket.
Four, Japan study abroad need to know the life habits - mobile phones can't turn off the sound effect Japan all have a camera phone, take photos when the effect of the sound cannot be turned off, mainly in order to prevent the candid.
5. The living habits that Japan needs to know about studying abroad - tap water can be drunk directly from Japanese tap water.
Stations and large public places have tap water.
Large restaurants and large restaurants have mineral water for drinking.
Six habits, Japan study abroad need to know - room should change slippers In Japan, into the hotel room, or to the Japanese people's home, in a word, as long as it is entered and will change the slippers, sometimes need to change it twice slippers.
Japan should know the living habits - transportation, the taxi is very expensive, the subway is very developed, the subway lines are like the web, there is a lot of room for you to choose.
It's more expensive to take a taxi. Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
Eight habits, Japan study abroad need to know - fruit prohibitively expensive Japan's fruit is quite expensive compared with domestic, like to eat fruit can pay attention to the students, the fruit here is very expensive.
In the case of watermelon, a bigger one can be sold for 500 yen, or about 35 yuan.
Nine, Japan study abroad need to know the life habits - out accommodation is very convenient Travel or attend university second interview, accommodation don't have to go to the travel agency, such as Japanese yahoo on the Internet or Google, input keywords: SuBo, will find a lot of the hotel, such as close to the school, cheap take breakfast and so on, find a preferred on a web page or a reservation by phone, and then to say there you call what name, can directly check in. buy certificate 

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