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2017 Singapore NTU finance professional degree certificate course features buy university diplomas

I. course features
Nanyang technological university master's degree in finance courses according to the international standard design, by the international first-class teachers teaching, aims to provide students with financial essence theory and practical skills in the field of education, to the financial, industrial and commercial enterprises to train a group of outstanding international specialists. Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
The course designed 12 modules, focusing on training students' ability to apply and plan financial financial solutions and strategies in the fields of investment and trading.
In addition, it will elaborate on the operation mode of the multinational companies in finance.
1. International first-class universities, first-class international teachers, direct schools of the Alma mater - ensure brand quality.
2. Study abroad background, cultivate international senior financial talents, alumni resources are good, job prospects are good.
3. Short learning cycle (1 year), low opportunity cost, formal degree, international background.
4. Teaching Chinese to ensure learning effect;
English environment life study, rapidly improve English ability.
5. Use the school's global employment service system to assist trainees in the global internship and employment.
6. You can apply for immigration to Singapore after graduation.
7. Master of finance can work in Singapore after studying.
2. Admission conditions (no written test, according to individual's educational background and work background and interview results)
1. University degree or above
2. Experience in industry practice (internship) in finance, business and management
3. Outstanding fresh graduates with potential for development may also have the opportunity to participate in the interview.
Iii. Degree certificate
One year, 12 compulsory courses (36 hours per course) are required to complete 12 compulsory courses (36 periods per course), which are awarded by nanyang technological university to international and domestic institutions. Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
The courses can be completed within one year (Singapore residential study completed 6 courses in 6 months, while the remaining courses are completed within half a year of domestic use of weekends and holidays).
Four, tuition
Tuition fee $19000 ($payment by bank draft or telegraphic transfer payment, can be divided into two payments), including registration fee, learning materials and examination fees, royalties, computer facilities, lectures, Singapore companies to visit learning cost, to Singapore ticket fee and the accommodation in Singapore.
The food and beverage during the study period in Singapore and the accommodation and travel expenses during the study in China. Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma

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