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Buy university diplomas what should you notice in American life

Many people believe that America is a free country, especially in the home.
Actually because of the differences in cultural, social and all aspects of life, even in daily life, some of Chinese life habits and the behavior of the "normal", is likely to cause serious misunderstanding, even breaking the local law.
As a result, the following questions should be noted when you arrive in the United States:
A Chinese woman has been charged with causing a disturbance at sunset park in New York. Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
In the United States, it's not illegal to dance in a park, but the noise from music and making sounds in the park must be lower than 35 decibels, which is illegal.
Frolicking with the police, even physical contact
In China, if you are caught driving by the police, you must come out of the car in a courteous manner, admit mistakes, explain, or make a close call to the police.
But in America, don't do that.
When the police car overtook you let you stop, no matter you know not to know which is in violation of the traffic rules, don't come out of the car, must be done in accordance with the requirements of the police, let you roll down the window, you rolled down his window.
If you want to show your driver's license, you can give a driver's license to the police. You must not have any extra action, or the police have the right to shoot you.
If there is a bribe to the police, it will be severely punished by the law.
It's a joke about public safety
In China, if you wait in line at the train station to buy a ticket, you are angry that you have to blow up the railway station, which is often the white eye of the conductor.
In the United States, sister feng applied for a failed attempt to immigrate to the United States. She said, "I want to set fire to the U.S. immigration department." the result was investigated by the U.S. security agency.
In addition, helpful hints about everyone, if you have a friend who name is Jack, don't loudly and greet him at the airport said: "Hi, Jack." probably heard by the police, you are arrested.
Because this sentence is the homophony of the English Hijack.
In the United States, jokes that endanger public safety cannot be opened, and there is a "do not joke" at lax security at lax. Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
Hello to the eighteengenerations
In China, there are many classic "state curses", which are widely used.
Sometimes these insults are not so much malicious, but sometimes just as a curse, they are common.
There are also those who quarrel to greet the 18th generation, the police are also not in the right, after all Chinese people often say: curse people do not break the law.
In the United States, however, swearing can be illegal.
You can't have abuse to provoke conflict, the so-called cause conflict, refers to any individual with strong abusive and aggressive abusive language, cause harm to others or cursing and invite retribution instead the brawl, including vulgar, obscene, indecent, slander, etc.
In China, you can scare people, like picking you up, killing you, etc., without causing any trouble. Buy certificate buy university diplomas buy college diploma buy high school diploma
In America, you might break the law.
The other party may tell you to intimidation, the judge may be sentenced to you may not be close to the defendant, may not appear in the defendant's nearby homes and work, if you are in violation of the court's decision, you will be arrested, if your bullying remarks more pernicious, said he was some kind of hurt, please a big lawyer, may be sentenced to jail, there will be economic losses.
The court made a loud noise
In China, public trial court, bystander often cheered and boos, even for great debate drew applause, often do not judge, some roar in the court, the parties judge because of the media is present shall be tolerated.
In the United States, these will be warned by the court, or even expelled by a judge or arrested by bailiffs.
Roared in the court's comments from the security, the Supreme Court clear cut, "relevant parties" defy the judge advised three measures can be taken: (1) can be sealed cloth bound on the chair to stand trial;
(2) to take it out of court, waiting for its return to calm and promising to abide by the court order.
(3) to punish the court for insulting the court. buy canada degree

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