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Four Seasons is the gift of nature,buy university diploma

Four Seasons is the gift of nature,buy university diploma, Early in July to leave the city when the promise of friends "cold weather to come back", and soon become a joke. Like a special rush to Shanghai, "rolling fierce", accumulated 10 orange warning, July 21, Shanghai issued the first red high temperature warning, the afternoon temperature rushed 40.9 degrees Celsius, a record. In Shanghai a month, from time to time to receive the lion island friends sent to the two cities temperature contrast and ridicule: do not have to wait until the cold, hot days back!
Summer heat transpiration Shanghai into a huge sauna. Unexpected half of the bitter summer, and do not have to work as a resident all day in the cold air. In addition to several nights of the party, usually at home reading, the kitchen cooked rice millet gruel, barley mung bean soup, barley chrysanthemum tea, porridge dishes supplemented with cabbage radish cake.
Surprisingly, no matter how hot the weather, old friends are not simple home days. This is the three university students a day of the light version of the home menu: a. Steamed calf chicken and bean ham, steamed collapse of the fish, the old cucumber fried foreign, fried cabbage, b. Shuttle crab tofu pot, steamed small yellow croaker, pepper bullfrog, fried rice Amaranth, c. Mold dried vegetables stew, bad head shrimp, tofu burned foreign, fried fruit pickles.
Shanghai people's life attitude and logistics advanced? They usually in the morning when the sun did not rise quickly go to the market to buy the system, and then go home to order online, high-quality vegetables seafood chicken and duck meat in an hour by the cold chain sent to the door. Is also a wonders: Facebook, Google, YouTube, Twtter are shielded cities, electronic network home service is so developed, the suburbs of fresh fruits and vegetables, Chinese provinces and cities specialty delicious, imported food around the world can be a key to get. Residential area door, the most common is the delivery of vehicles and courier brother. Four Seasons is the gift of nature,buy university diploma
The hottest days, across the glass door from the balcony looked out, the streets empty, outside the district and Huaihai Road intersection, usually traffic jams serious road car people scattered. Hot can actually make a giant city become so deserted. And people really used to animals, when the temperature reluctantly from more than 40 degrees slowly down to thirty-six seven degrees, the Shanghai people almost want to run: next week the weather cool friends. Did not listen to some people to mention the global warming of this matter, the city's summer temperatures will be terrible year after year rise? Four Seasons is the gift of nature,buy university diploma
Flying over half the earth, the time difference between the half-sleepy wake up, but also think of their relationship with the summer, a lot of important moments in life in the summer: 20 years old from the farm admitted to the university in the summer in August, 80 years and friends with the creation of the drama "Twenty-year-old summer" in the summer performance, more than 30 years of age from Shanghai to fly to Singapore flights in the hot July, 22 years after the determination to end the career, The rest of the time left to their own, but also in the summer.
I know the splendid summer of the city is short. Many people say, in fact, some days before the temperature has been to 38 degrees, but that time is very little This time to be lucky?
Dependent on Lake Ontario, summer, some places in the United States to make people sigh the paradise, but so, such as the lake before the island and the "Swan Sea." The "beach area" visited this day is reminiscent of Singapore's east coast, but there are no highways and skyscrapers, and even the shops selling cold drinks are rare. A short street on both sides of the tree is surrounded by two or three small building, the end of the street is the beach. The breeze blowing, the sea above the vast expanse of the lake, the clouds change out of the endless white castle, the air filled with joyful atmosphere, the weekend leisurely people twos and threes, like walking in the watercolor painted in the ... ...
Summer is undoubtedly the golden moment here. In the main street passing the main street drinking coffee, imagine a few months after the lake ice, the lake scratched cold wind, snow covered the houses and trees, I said: winter, we come here to see?
For me 2017 this summer is quite rich, is in the scorching sun in the town of Nanxun Zhang Jingjiang find the former residence into the small lotus village, "then lotus leaf infinite Bi, Ying days of the same kind of red" Tremor; in the sunny time in Hong Kong, with the long girlfriend reunion happy; will also be the first time in the multi-city experience from summer to autumn, from autumn to winter the beginning of the three seasons.
Four generations of conversion is the gift of nature, but not everyone often have the opportunity to encounter. So to say, even tough and finally survived the heat, but also as an experience?Four Seasons is the gift of nature,buy university diploma

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