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 Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH)  certificate
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IOSH was established in 1945 when the Industrial Safety Officer Association (IISO) was established as a department of the Royal Accident Prevention Society (RoSPA). The organization obtained charitable status in 1962 and continues to operate as a non-profit organization.
In 1981, IISO was renamed Occupational Safety and Health Organization (IOSH) and was awarded the Royal Charter in 2002. Since 2005, IOSH has begun to award licensed safety and health practitioner qualifications to recognize personal professionalism and commitment to continuous learning and development. [7]
In 2011, IOSH worked with other health and safety agencies in the United Kingdom to develop the Register of Occupational Safety and Health Consultants [OSHCR] to raise awareness and promote the use of certified health and safety consultants in the workplace.

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