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Where to order a fake Universidad de Salamanca diploma?

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What is the "inflation" of diplomas?
Where to order a fake Universidad de Salamanca diploma? Buy fake diploma online,The inflation of diplomas refers to the fact that as more and more people obtain higher degrees, the educational requirements of job positions are also rising. When more and more people obtain a certain educational diploma or degree, its value also declines. In the United States , high school diplomas (that is, 12 years of education) were relatively rare before 1940; nowadays, high school degrees are commonplace and are almost worthless when looking for a job. The college enrollment rate exceeds 60% among young people, and college degrees are facing the same fate as high school degrees. Now, when degrees have been inflated, their main value is to reinvest in the education market to obtain higher degrees.
"Diploma" that is constantly being constructed
An education degree is a currency that reflects social status and can be used in exchange for the opportunity to obtain a job; as with all currencies, when the supply continues to increase but the goods are limited, the price will soar (or the purchasing power will fall). Here, people are pursuing the ever-decreasing middle-class jobs. Educational inflation develops on its own; in the eyes of every individual studying for a degree, the best response to the devaluation of a degree is to get more education .
But since schools cannot provide real practical technical talents, why are so many people (including enterprises) eager for schools and even diplomas? Collins believes that labor can be divided into two types, one is productive labor, such as farming and manufacturing workers; the other is political labor, such as investment bank consulting, or the management of large companies-the former produces wealth., We often call it an industry; the latter distributes wealth and generally does not directly create value. Because political labor is in charge of distribution, it actually tends to be more and more "sinecure sector"; and as manual labor is replaced by mechanized production, there are more and more "sinecure jobs" in the labor market. Diploma is an important means to help employers distinguish between " political workers" and "productive workers."
So, why use a diploma to distinguish the two? Through a historical and sociological investigation of the three types of jobs of doctors, lawyers, and architects, the author found that diplomas often represent not productive skills, but political “cultural currency”—from a general trend, any era Most people with higher diplomas have a better family background, a stronger desire for education, free time at their disposal, and sufficient economic conditions to support full-time education. The attributes of these people are in full compliance with the requirements of "leisure jobs". In this way, the diploma helps employers distinguish when hiring “off-the-job” people. For example, the job of an investment bank does not require employees to be proficient in economics or finance-top investment banks tend to prefer students with good backgrounds and graduates from prestigious schools, because this means that students (and their parents) have a wider network of relationships and are also condu cive to the company’s external presence. The overall image of the company-these content, it is often difficult for recruiters to directly ask, or the time cost of asking questions is too high; and a diploma can often answer all such questions.

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