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NCCPA Certification
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Approximately 90 days before the date of graduation from the Physician Assistant School, you will be allowed to register for PANCE on the NCCPA website. When you submit this initial application, you must also pay a $700 fee. After registering, you will receive an email with instructions on how to set the test date.
Maintain NCCPA certification
Finally, today we will discuss how to maintain your NCCPA certification. In the months to years between each recertification inspection, maintaining certification is a gradual process. In order to successfully obtain NCCPA certification, every two years, physician assistants must obtain at least 100 hours of continuing medical education in the category and record them in your NCCPA profile.
In addition, each physician assistant must pay a certification maintenance fee of US$180 before December 31st of the validity of their certification. (Fee of $180 USD every two years). At the end of the last year (every ten years) of the physician assistant certification maintenance cycle, you must complete a recertification check. You can choose to complete the PANRE (National Recertification Exam for Physician Assistants) in the ninth or tenth year of the maintenance cycle of certified physician assistants. PANRE can take up to two attempts in the ninth year of the recertification cycle, up to three attempts in the tenth year, and up to four attempts every 10 years. In addition to the traditional PANRE, there are now experimental PANREs. Since January 2019, NCCPA has issued a new plan as an alternative to continuing recertification for practicing physician assistants. In the NCCPA PANRE pilot program, participants will answer 25 test questions every two years for a period of two years.

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